Friday, September 30, 2011

The Avengers Yearbook Photos Revealed

Entertainment Weekly revealed The Avengers promotional portraits and I must say they look a lot like senior pictures. Take a look for yourself.

"Best Looking in Tights" Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)
"Most Likley to Blow His Top" Bruce Banner/The Hulk (Mark Ruffalo)
"Most Likely to Get Frozen" Captain America (Chris Evans)
"Spitwad Marksman" Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner)
"Most Likely to Build a Suit of Armor and Kill Jeff Bridges" Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.)
"Best Hair" Thor (Chris Hemsworth)
Leave your captions for your hero below!

Read the entire article at Entertainment Weekly.

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Elmo and Cookie Monster Spoof Prime Time

Entertainment Weekly posted this funny video of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster and Elmo spoofing some of TV’s biggest shows — including The Big Bang Theory, CSI: Miami, and The Office (which, coincidentally, name-checked Sesame Street in its premiere last night). It's good to see that Cookie Monster is still noshing on cookies like there's no tomorrow, especially after the whole Veggie Monster controversy. My highlight is Elmo's take on the character of Horatio from CSI: Miami. Once again the Muppets deliver song killer comedy.

See the exclusive Entertainment Weekly video HERE.

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Get to Know... Epcot's Eat to the Beat 2011 Performer - Billy Ocean

Get to Know ‘Eat to the Beat’ 2011 Concert Series Performer
Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean (born Leslie Sebastian Charles; 21 January 1950) is a Trinidad-born English Grammy Award winning popular music performer who had a string of rhythm and blues international pop hits in the 1970s and 1980s. He was the most popular British-based R&B singer / songwriter of the early to mid-1980s. After scoring his first four UK top 20 successes, seven years passed before he accumulated a series of transatlantic successes, including three U.S. number ones.

Billy Ocean - Caribbean Queen

He took his stage name from the Ocean Estate, Stepney, where he was living at the time. In 1976, he recorded his first album, Billy Ocean, with its first single release, "Love Really Hurts Without You," charting at number 2 in the UK Singles Chart and number 22 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100. He enjoyed club success from the songs "Are You Ready" and "Stay The Night" from the album City Limit - both of which were later covered by La Toya Jackson (see below). More successes ensued, including "L.O.D. (Love On Delivery)". He also wrote songs for other artists. In 1981, he scored the U.S. R&B chart with "Nights (Feel Like Getting Down)".

Ocean's period of greatest success began with Suddenly during 1984, and its main single, "Caribbean Queen". The song's title and lyrics were changed for different regions, such that the song is also known as "African Queen" or "European Queen". The song won Ocean the Grammy Award for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the 1985 Grammy Awards. The album's title track also became a success, peaking at #4 in both the US and the UK and the song "Loverboy", while also being a #2 US success in 1985 was also featured in the very first scene of the popular UK BBC One TV series, Casualty, in 1986.

Ocean appeared at Live Aid in 1985, singing "Caribbean Queen" and "Loverboy", from the JFK Stadium in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Billy Ocean - Suddenly (live at Epcot 2009)

His 1986 album Love Zone also sold well. It included the successful singles "When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going" (the theme from the film The Jewel of the Nile); this was a number one success in the UK and a number two in the U.S.; and "There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)" (a U.S. number one, and also a major UK success). Also included were the title track and "Love Is Forever", which were #10 and #16 U.S. successes for Ocean, respectively.

Ocean's next album, Tear Down These Walls (1988) featured another number one single, "Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car", while the album was certified platinum.

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Tomorrow Starship starring Mickey Thomas!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Star Wars: The Old Republic Hands-On Review writer Leo Stiles chimed in with his take on the new Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG slated for release December 22. Here are some of his thoughts...
The biggest surprise of the opening minutes was the exceptional polish of the graphics, with the frame rate holding steady and a remarkable solidity to the character models and their environments. The slightly cartoony style of the design that I had reservations with from the official screenshots made perfect sense in motion and delivered more character than I expected. 
The brevity of our time with the game prevents us from digging down into the finer details of the game but purely from the focus of a solo adventurer who is new to the game, SWTOR impresses with the kind of polish and confidence that we haven’t experience from an MMO before. 
Obviously, questions still linger about character progression, the impact of choices on the story and how eventual interplanetary travel will play out but for now BioWare have more than earned the benefit of the doubt. 
As far as day one satisfaction goes, we cant imagine that The Old Republic will be anything other that a complete success, as it manages to successfully deploy some of that fondly remembered Star Wars magic. The real challenge the game faces will be how it does when players are entrenched in the game world. 
These are encouraging words. Everyone I know who is playing the game in beta right now mention how cool the game is but due to the testing stage of the game they must agree to a "non-disclosure agreement" so finding detailed accounts of the game play are hard to come by. That said I look forward to testing the game out myself soon and look forward to the actual release of the game around Christmas. I do hope the game lives up to the hype.

Read Leo's entire review!

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Cooking With Mickey: Disney Launches New Food and Wine Festival App

Starting September 30, 2011 Disney will make available a new app, an Epcot International Food and Wine Festival app! Visit Cooking with Mickey and scan the Spaceship Earth QR code posted on menus around the park to access festival information.

Information includes:

  • Marketplace menus with food & drink items including pricing
  • Special events including description, dates, availability & pricing
  • Eat to the Beat concert series acts with dates, details and photos
  • Navigation map of the World Showcase

READ MORE Cooking With Mickey: Disney Launches New Food and Wine Festival App

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Get to Know... Epcot's Eat to the Beat 2011 Performer - Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp)

Get to Know ‘Eat to the Beat’ 2011 Concert Series Performer
Roger Hodgson (formerly of Supertramp)

Charles Roger Pomfret Hodgson (born 21 March 1950) is a British musician and songwriter, best known as the former co-frontman, and founding member, of progressive rock band Supertramp.

Hodgson solely composed and sang on the majority of the band's biggest hits, including "Dreamer", "Give a Little Bit", "The Logical Song", "Breakfast in America", "Take the Long Way Home" and "It's Raining Again," earning him the fan-given nickname of Mr. Supertramp.

He has enjoyed a solo career since his departure from the group in 1983, and continues to tour internationally to this day. He is recognised for his tenor singing voice, which became a trademark of his former band Supertramp, and often writes about spiritual and philosophical topics.

Give a Little Bit - Roger Hodgson

Hodgson, responding to an advert placed in Melody Maker by Rick Davies, auditioned for the guitarist spot in the progressive rock band Supertramp. Hodgson was offered the job, but when Richard Palmer arrived the next day to audition for the same spot, Hodgson agreed to learn how to play bass instead.

The songs on Supertramp's self-titled first album, released in 1970, were composed by Roger Hodgson, Rick Davies, and Richard Palmer; however, since both Hodgson and Davies were unwilling to write lyrics, Palmer wrote all the album's lyrics. Palmer left shortly after the album's recording, allowing Hodgson to switch back to guitar, but leaving him and Davies no choice but to serve as the band's lyricists. The hugely successful Crime of the Century was released in 1974. Crisis? What Crisis?, released in 1975, was followed by Even in the Quietest Moments in 1977. In 1979, they released their most successful album, Breakfast in America. This album has sold over 20 million copies to date. The live album, Paris, was released in 1980, with …Famous Last Words… being released in 1982.

Through 1983, all songs recorded by Supertramp were legally credited with a shared writing credit of Davies/Hodgson. Roger Hodgson was the writer of hits such as "The Logical Song", "Dreamer", "Give a Little Bit", "Breakfast in America", "It's Raining Again", "Take the Long Way Home" and "Fool's Overture".
As was common practice for bands of the era, Hodgson recorded demos of his compositions and presented them to the other members so that they could learn their parts. Hodgson wrote "Breakfast in America", "The Logical Song", and some of "Fool's Overture" at home with a harmonium he had bought from a neighbour when he was 17 years old (this instrument is used in the background of "Breakfast in America", and prominently appears on "Two of Us" and his solo track "The Garden").

*Source Wikipedia

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Tomorrow Billy Ocean!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jackman Hints at New Wolverine Film

In a recent interview promoting his latest film Real Steel, Hugh Jackman revealed he's not ready to retire those Wolverine claws just yet.

“I love that character. It was the first film I did in America and somehow I lucked upon the greatest of all the superhero roles. His human dilemmas and demons and battles feel more real. I don’t feel like a guy with claws and ridiculous hair. I feel like a guy battling against life,” says Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman. In terms when the next Wolverine flick might go into production hesays, "If it wasn’t for ‘Les Mis,’ we’re ready now. Now that Jim [Mangold]’s on board, we’re ready to go. For ‘Les Mis’ to work, we would have had to start “Wolverine,” basically, yesterday. So when we needed to press the button, we weren’t quite ready. So it will happen straight after.”

This is great news for fans of the no-nonsense mutant who had a cameo in this summer's blockbuster X-Men: First Class.

In case you missed it check it out below. WARNING Wolvie drops an F-bomb! You've been warned!

As far as the next Wolverine appearance being another X-Men related sequel or prequel Jackman mentioned it would most likely be less about a team of mutants but based more on Wolverine's adventures in Japan as chronicled by the Marvel comics of the 1980s. Either way I welcome more X-Men on the big screen any day and am pleased that Jackman still respects the character that helped propel his career.

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Get to Know... Epcot's Eat to the Beat 2011 Performer - Jon Secada

Get to Know ‘Eat to the Beat’ 2011 Concert Series Performer
Jon Secada

Jon Secada (born Juan Francisco Secada Martínez on October 4, 1962) is a Cuban-American singer and songwriter. Secada was born in Havana, Cuba, and raised in Hialeah, Florida. He has won two Grammy Awards and sold 20 million albums since his English-language debut album in 1992. His music fuses funk, soul, pop and Latin percussion. Secada also has worked as a songwriter for Gloria Estefan, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Mandy Moore and other performers.

In the late 1980s, Gloria Estefan hired Secada as a background singer. He also started composing music for Estefan, including some of her best-known ballads. Among other songs, Secada co-wrote and sang background on "Coming Out of the Dark" Gloria's number one hit from her 1991 album Into the Light. During Estefan's "Coming Out of the Dark" tour, Secada was given the life-changing opportunity of taking over the stage and performing solo. The song was "Always Something" which would be featured later on his debut album. It launched his career as a solo performer.

Jon Secada and Shanice - If I Never Knew You - Pocahontas - Walt Disney (1995)

In 1991, Secada legally changed his first name from Juan to Jon. The following year, Secada released his self-titled debut album Jon Secada (SBK/EMI), which sold over six million copies worldwide and being certified triple platinum in the U.S., where it reached No. 15 among the Billboard 200 albums chart. Secada scored a No. 5 Pop hit (and a No. 5 UK hit) with his Gold single "Just Another Day", and three more top 30 hits, "Angel" (No. 18 Pop, No. 23 UK), "I'm Free" (No. 27 Pop, No. 50 UK), "Do You Believe in Us?" (No. 13 Pop, No. 30 UK), and "Do You Really Want Me" (No. 30 UK) received national radio play. The Spanish-language version of Secada's solo album, Otro Día Más Sin Verte (EMI-Latin), became the Number One Latin album of 1992 and earned Secada his first Grammy Award for "Best Latin Pop Album".

Secada co-wrote the song "Bella," the Spanish version of "She's All I Ever Had" for Ricky Martin's 1999 Multi-platinum self-titled album. He also co-wrote and co-produced the song "Baila" for Jennifer Lopez, which appeared on her 1999 multi-platinum album, On the 6. He worked with teen singing sensation Mandy Moore on two of her tracks, "One Sided Love" and "It Only Took a Minute" from her self-titled multi-platinum album. In 2001 he was a backing vocalist on Enrique Iglesias's album multi-platinum Escape on the tracks "Don't turn off the Lights" and "Love 4 Fun". In 1995, Secada starred on Broadway's hit musical Grease, where he acted in the lead role of "Danny Zuko". Broadway called upon Secada once again in 2003, where he played the Emcee role in Sam Mendes' acclaimed version of Cabaret. In the fall of 2004, Secada also starred as "Joseph" in Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's theatrical hit Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. On Nov 30, 2007 Secada participated in the Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade which was taped inside the Magic Kingdom at Disney World Orlando, Florida.

If You Go - Jon Secada - Live at Epcot's Eat to the Beat Concert Series 2010

*Source Wikipedia

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Tomorrow Roger Hodgson formerly of Supertramp!

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Animator Tony Bancroft Talks About Pumbaa and Lion King 3D

I recently had the opportunity to chat with Tony Bancroft, supervising animator for “Pumbaa” on Disney's The Lion King. It was great to hear him open up about working for the "mouse" during one of the biggest eras for Disney animation. He also shared his thoughts on working on Mulan and on the current re-release of The Lion King in 3D.

Excerpt from Chip and Company...

Upon graduating from high school, Tony was accepted into the exclusive, Disney sponsored, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in 1987, where he thrived artistically and developed a lifelong passion for animation. As a result of his time at CalArts, he was “drafted” to the big leagues of Walt Disney Animation Studios. His ability to quickly adapt his skills to any given project led him to work on such legendary animated productions as The Rescuers Down Under, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin. His diligence and a meticulous eye for character performance were rewarded when he became the Supervising Animator for both The Lion King and The Emperor’s New Groove. Memorable characters such as Pumbaa, the lovable warthog, and spinach puff specialist Kronk, were two of the comedic creations that Tony brought to life for those Disney classics. He capped a successful 12-year career at Disney being named co-director of the award-winning feature Mulan; adding to his list of credits, “youngest director in Disney’s history” and an Annie Award for Best Director that year.

The Lion King is such a super classic and popular story to millions of children all around the world through many 2D versions. Although the 3D movement is now in vogue but the Disney 2D animation has become an irreplaceable trademark. Do you think remaking this film into 3D might be a double- edge sword?

Tony Bancroft: When I first heard that “The Lion King” was being made into a 3D version I must admit, I was skeptical. I wasn't sure what the technology would bring to our 2D animation. Then I saw it and I was amazed at how it looked in 3D-- how much it enhances the animation. When we created the film in 1994, we tried to make it as dimensional and real as we could with the technology during that time but now with stereoscopic technology it actually fully realizes the potential of what were trying to make. I think it actually improves the film.

When did you realize "The Lion King" was more than just a movie?

Tony Bancroft: It's funny because at the time we had no idea that “The Lion King” would become the phenomenon that it has become. At the time, we thought it was just this fun little film with a quirky story about a lion cub in Africa that thinks he killed his father and has bug-eating friends set to music by Elton John. Not the normal Disney story for sure. It still amazes me that it is so well-loved around the world.

What will the 3D technique bring to this new 3D version of 'The Lion King'?

Tony Bancroft: I think if we had the technology of stereoscopic 3D in 1994 we would have used it in the making of this film. We really tried to make it as inclusive as we could for the audience with the technology we had at the time. Look at the wildebeest stampede scene for example. We made the wildebeests in CGI and lowered the camera down to the level of Simba so that the audiences feel the fear of the little lion cub as they rush past him. In 3D that scene literally leaps out at you and makes it all the more frightening for little Simbaa. That alone is an improvement on the story telling and a great reason to have this new awesome version.
If you had any advice for anyone wanting to break into the industry, what advice would you give them?

Tony Bancroft: I still think it is so important that an animator knows how to draw really well even in this computer animation world we live in now. Drawing is a quick and easy way for an animator to communicate his ideas to a director or others before going to his computer to flesh out a scene. But besides that, studying how people move and act around them is very important. Watch your family around the house, how your dog moves, or how people interact at a bus stop. All of those things will help you bring a character to life.

The Circle of Life takes on a new dimension as Simba, Mufasa, Nala, Timon and Pumbaa grace the screen once again, this time in breathtaking 3D. See The Lion King 3D in select theatres in Disney Digital 3D for the first time ever, followed up by the home entertainment debut Oct. 4, celebrating the Diamond Edition release of the epic movie "The Lion King" in high-definition Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D.

Check out the rest of article on Chip and Company:

Order The Lion King (Four-Disc Diamond Edition Blu-ray 3D / Blu-ray / DVD / Digital Copy)!

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Halloween Express Discount Codes and Costume Deals Under $30

Halloween is almost here and you and your family need a costume for those neighborhood celebrations and Mickey's Halloween parties! Check out some great deals at Halloween Express and use these Jedi Mouseketeer reader codes upon checkout and SAVE! Time is running out on these codes so beat the rush!

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Collector's Corner: Compound Hulk Marvel Universe, NYCC 2011 Exclusive


What’s more powerful than Hulk and Red Hulk? The two Hulks combined into Compound Hulk! This 3 3/4" Marvel Universe figure recreates a memorable moment from this year’s HULK #30, when the two hulking enemies were combined into one red-and-green behemoth! The figure is based on the artwork of superstar artist Ed McGuinness, and his artwork adorns the special edition blister card and outer packaging of this one-of-a-kind figure!

(Ages 4 and up; Approximate Retail Price $11.00; Available through and Booth #302 at New York Comic Con)

More on

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Graphic Novels Sale - Buy One, Get One 50% Off!

D23 Expo 2011: Voices of the Parks (video)

In case you missed it. Check out the complete Voices of the Parks presentation from Disney's D23 Expo 2011. Meet the men and women behind the announcements and character voices you hear in Disney's theme parks. You may also recognize some of these voices from hit animated television shows and movies.
Recorded Aug. 19, 2011 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California.

Having done commercial radio and voiceovers for over 16 years I've always had a great deal of respect and appreciation for what these voice actors do. It would be hard to imagine the parks without these voices. Some of my favorite voiceovers include Spaceship Earth, Rockin' Rollercoaster and Living with the Land. However I will say that my favorite of all the Disney attractions would happen to be the Haunted Mansion! What a classic!

I bet you thought I would say "Star Tours" huh?

*Thanks to Attractions Magazine.

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Get to Know... Epcot's Eat to the Beat 2011 Performer - 38 Special

Get to Know ‘Eat to the Beat’ 2011 Concert Series Performer
38 Special

38 Special (also written .38 Special or Thirty-Eight Special) is an American rock band that was formed by neighborhood friends Don Barnes and Donnie Van Zant in 1974 in Jacksonville, Florida. The band's first two albums had a strong southern rock influence. By the early 1980s, 38 Special shifted to a more accessible arena rock style without abandoning its southern rock roots. This shift helped to usher in a string of successful albums and singles.

38 Special - Hold On Loosely

38 Special - Second Chance

Their breakthrough hit was "Hold On Loosely" (1981). "Caught Up in You" (1982) and "If I'd Been the One" (1983) both hit #1 on Billboard magazine's Album Rock Tracks chart. "Back Where You Belong" (1984) continued the annual sequence of radio favorites, and "Second Chance" (1989) was a #1 hit on Billboard's adult contemporary chart.

The current lineup consists of Don Barnes, Donnie Van Zant, guitarist Danny Chauncey, bassist Larry Junstrom, keyboardist Bobby Capps and drummer Gary Moffatt.

*Source Wikipedia

Tomorrow Jon Secada!

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mash Up Monday: The Doo Wop Shop's Disney Medley (video)

Here's the UMass Amherst's all-male A Capella group, The Doo Wop Shop doing a medley of some popular Disney movie tunes! Enjoy!

The Doo Wop Shop - Disney Medley from Kathryn L. Woodhams on Vimeo.

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Get to Know... Epcot's Eat to the Beat 2011 Performer - Taylor Dayne

Get to Know ‘Eat to the Beat’ 2011 Concert Series Performer
Taylor Dayne

Taylor Dayne (born Leslie Wunderman; March 7, 1962) is a Jewish American pop vocalist, songwriter, dance artist. Overall, she has seventeen individual Top Tens on Billboard charts including, most recently, the 2008 song "Beautiful", which reached the top spot in Billboard's Hot Dance Club Play Chart. She has also topped the U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart three times.

In the United States, she achieved three gold singles, with "Tell It to My Heart", "I'll Always Love You", and "Love Will Lead You Back". "I'll Always Love You", a change-of-pace ballad compared to Dayne's earlier releases, was her breakout hit on the Adult Contemporary charts in 1988 and paved the way for future uptempo dance tracks such as "Don't Rush Me" and "With Every Beat Of My Heart" to gain acceptance at Adult Contemporary radio.

"Tell It To My Heart"

"Love Will Lead You Back"!/Taylor_dayne

*Source Wikipedia

Tomorrow we feature 38 Special!

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sorcerer Radio Update 9/26

Greetings Disney fans! Here's the latest from the team of the Sorcerer Radio Network!

Join Us For the October Sorcerer Radio 10th Anniversary Trip Meet EVENT!!!
October 15 - 23 join the Aljon, Jeff, Kristen, Will and Michelle, as they will be celebrating 10 years of Sorcerer Radio! This isn't just a tweet up or a one day meet! No, no, no, it's a week of fun! Here are some of the exciting events planned:

  • Sunday - Kick off for the Magic Kingdom Rope Drop, DVC-Rental Meet Up with Scott and Will
  • Monday - Jeff's surprise destination
  • Tuesday - Magic Kingdom - Jungle Cruise and dole whip social
  • Wednesday - Epcot - Beverly drink off, Cooking with Mickey Foodie World Tour and Kimono's
  • Thursday - Hollywood Studios - Toy Story Mania, Star Tours and Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party
  • Friday - Animal Kingdom - Kilamanjaro Safari, Expedition Everest and Farewell Dinner
These are just a few of the events planned! For all of the details please visit the Sorcerer Radio Forum.

During the trip keep up to date by following our tweets on Twitter. We'll be keeping everyone up-to-date that way! Follow...
There's still time for you book your October Meet Reservations. Book your October Meet, next Disney vacation or cruise with Kristen at Magical Journeys Travel today!

We are looking forward to meeting all of you!

SR Original Programming
Tune in each day of the week as Sorcerer Radio brings you Disney Magic All Disney Music, All Day Long. To enhance your Disney Audio Magic experience, SR's ORIGINAL Programming takes you to a whole new level. Check out our weekly line up, tune in, and sit back and enjoy! Catch the shows as they premiere or during their encore broadcasts. For more details about Sorcerer Radio's Original programs go to and click on the "SR Shows" tab.

Sorcerer Radio Mornings:
SRN Top 10 - Monday 8 a.m. est/ 5 a.m. p; Wednesday 1 p.m. est/10 a.m. p; Sunday 1 p.m. est/10 a.m. p
SorCom Review - Tuesday 8 a.m. est/ 5 a.m. p; Tuesday 7 p.m. est/ 4 p.m. p, Sunday 12 p.m. est/9 a.m. p
Disneyland Magic - Wednesday 8 a.m. est/ 5 a.m. p; Sunday 5 p.m. est/2 p.m. p
DW:60 - Thursday 8 a.m. est/ 5 a.m. p; Friday 1 p.m. est/ 10 a.m. p, Sunday 4 p.m. est/1 p.m. p
WDW Tiki Room - Friday 8 a.m. est/ 5 a.m. p; Friday 7 p.m est/ 4 p.m. p, Sunday 2 p.m. est/11 a.m. p

Sorcerer Radio Midday Magic Hour:
E-Ticket Time - Monday 1 p.m. est/ 10 a.m. p; Saturday 6 p.m. est/3 p.m. p
Loopy Tuesday - Tuesday 1 p.m. est/ 10 a.m. p; Sunday 11 a.m. est/8 a.m. p
Castway Midday - Thursday 1 p.m. est/ 10 a.m. p; Saturday 5 p.m. est/ 2 p.m. p
Mouse Undercover - Friday 1 p.m. est/10 a.m. p

Original Podcasts:
Weekend Expedition - Sunday 9 a.m. est/ 6 a.m. p; Anytime!
Character Breakfast 2.0 - Download, and hold on!
The Lost Boys List - Download and enjoy. "What's on your List?"

Original Vidcasts:
WDW After Dark - LIVE Friday 9 p.m. est/ 6 p.m. p; On-Demand for anytime viewing! For the adult Disney fan!
Cooking with Mickey - Available 24/7 for your Deletable Palate Pleasure

WDW Tiki Room - Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Preview & Off-Kilter Special
Tune in this Friday as Kristen & Aljon bring you a preview of this year's crowd and palate pleasing WDW's Epcot International Food & Wine Festival! That's right fans, we heard you, you asked for it, so here it is: Nothing but Off-Kilter music the entire show! So tune in for a toe tapping, sing-along to your favorites of Off-Kilter, as you end your work week and kick of your weekend pumping.

Join SR in Supporting "Thank You, Walt.Dinsey Inc." Fundraiser
Help support SR's newest Disney Network Friends, "Thank You, Walt.Disney Inc." the Laugh-O-Grams Restoration Project. This amazing non-profit organization is hosting a Haunted Mansion Costume Ball, October 15th in Kansas City downtown. For more details on tickets, times, raffles, and more, please visit there website by clicking HERE. Look for more information to come at

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“Eat to the Beat” Performers at 2011 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

In case you've missed it here's the list of performers for the “Eat to the Beat” Concert Series at the 2011 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. This year’s schedule (subject to change) includes:

Taylor Dayne: 9/30-10/2/11
38 Special: 10/3-5/11
Jon Secada: 10/6-7/11
Roger Hodgson formerly of Supertramp: 10/8-9/11
Billy Ocean: 10/10-12/11
Starship starring Mickey Thomas: 10/13-16/11
Sugar Ray: 10/17-19/11
The Orchestra starring former members of ELO: 10/20-21/11
Howard Jones: 10/22-23/11
Boyz II Men: 10/24-26/11
Gin Blossoms: 10/27-28/11
Sister Hazel: 10/29-30/11
Hanson: 10/31-11/1/11
The Pointer Sisters: 11/2-3/11
Night Ranger: 11/4-6/11
Air Supply: 11/7-8/11
Richard Marx: 11/9-10/11
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: 11/11-13/11

The concerts, which are included with Epcot admission, will be at the America Gardens Theatre stage beginning September 30. Performances will be nightly and of course, this year’s schedule is subject to change.

Check back with Jedi Mouseketeer in the coming days for videos and brief bios on this year's performers!

For more details on the upcoming events for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival please visit our partner!

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2011 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival Details

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Star Wars Night at the Ball Park

In celebration of the release of Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Blu-ray, Lucasfilm,
Major League Baseball and Stand Up to Cancer have come together to "Use the Force for Good."
Each team listed below is hosting a Star Wars-themed game which will include Star Wars in-game entertainment, photos with Star Wars characters and much more!  Additionally, both Star Wars and baseball fans can use the Force for good by purchasing a special ticket package from select teams that will benefit Stand Up To Cancer. Click on the team logos below for further details.

A limited quantity of these packages are available,so don't be lured to the dark side and get your tickets now!
Courtesy of MLB.

I thought this was really cool that I had to share it. The Force being you - to help wipe out cancer. For more information on how to use the Force for good, visit Please check out some really cool T-Shirts with the Star Wars characters and the Stand Up to Cancer logo at the above website, they are $24.99. 

Bid to use the Force for Good: SU2C to benefit from Star Wars eBay Charity Auction
The destination will allow fans to bid on rare and exclusive items like a one-of-a-kind Star Wars edition 2012 Volkswagen Passat and a once-in-a-lifetime experience; dinner with prominent Bay Area filmmakers George Lucas, Chris Columbus, Francis Ford Coppola, Philip Kaufman and John Lasseter. All charity auctions will begin on September 16th at 4:00 p.m. PDT, and continue until 4:00 p.m. PDT on September 23rd. 
 Courtesy of Stand Up To Cancer

And of course you know what big Star Wars Fans we are, the complete collection is now on blu-ray and has a ton of bonus features including over 40 hours of special features. Also included in that are 45 deleted/extended scenes and 90 minutes of Star Wars spoofs, just to name a few. Here are the kids enjoying a Star Wars weekend at Hollywood Studios.

Diane Maguire
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Star Wars: The Complete Saga Breaks Sales Records

20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm have announced that the nine-disc "Complete Saga" Blu-ray of the series has broken sales records in only its first week, with over a million copies sold around the world ($84 million in spending globally) and 500,000 in North America alone. This makes it the best selling catalog title in the history of the Blu-ray.
"Once again our fan’s enthusiasm to celebrate 'Stars Wars' continues to amaze us. Our goal was to deliver a premium product that they could enjoy with their family and friends and we are thrilled that they are enjoying it as much as we hoped they would.” - Kayleen Walters, Senior Director, Marketing, Lucasfilm
The Blu-ray, released September 16th, consists of all six of the live-action films stunningly restored in high-definition as well as over 40 hours of bonus material including behind-the-scenes and deleted footage that have never been released.
"'Star Wars' is a franchise with universal stories that resonates as much today as it did 30 years ago. With the Blu-ray, audiences can go deeper into the mythology than ever before and reconnect with everything they love about the Saga in the best possible quality." - Mary Daily, Executive Vice President of Marketing for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment and Vincent Marcais, Senior Vice President of International Marketing for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. 
Episodes I-III and IV-VI are also available as distinct Blu-ray Trilogy collections.

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Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) [Blu-ray]
Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I - III) [Blu-ray]Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I - III) [Blu-ray]
Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV - VI) [Blu-ray]Star Wars: The Original Trilogy (Episodes IV - VI) [Blu-ray]
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