Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Will Replace Jaws at Universal Orlando?

Now that Jaws attraction at Universal Orlando has its days numbered there is a lot of speculation as to what attraction will take its place. Here are some of my thoughts.

Universal Parks & Resorts announced the addition of Transformers: The Ride at their Singapore and Hollywood theme parks in 2008 and is expected to open in December 2011 at Singapore, and in 2012 at Hollywood. This would make the most sense since a lot of the development of the ride is complete saving them both time and money.

So far the three Transformers films have raked in over $2.7billion with a ton of money to be make in toys and licencing for Hasbro. Paramount is planning to shoot the next two films back to back with producer Steven Spielberg and director Michael Bay rumored to return to the project there by making this attraction even more popular as time goes on.

By looking at the park map it appears that they could convert that side between Jaws and Men In Black into a version of Sci-fi City (Universal Studios Singapore). All they need to do is gut that Fear Factor Live experience... and I have another suggestion for that one...

Since Universal is "in bed" with Paramount with Transformers why not bring back Star Trek to the theme parks? In 2009 the Star Trek reboot revitalized the franchise with talk of a Star Trek attraction to headline a new theme park in Jordan and a possible re-opening of Star Trek: The Experience in Las Vegas. The former never happened but I suspect that Universal may be looping back to the idea of bringing back this franchise, especially after seeing how the newly revamped Star Tours is doing at the Disney Parks.

Take a look at some of this classic footage of Star Trek Adventure at Universal Studios.

A more likely Trek attraction variation would be Star Trek: The Experience's Klingon Encounter.

Of course the new Star Trek cast would be involved in the filming of the cut scenes. Either way both of these franchises would be great film tie-ins for the park considering there is plenty of gas left in the tank for films and merchandising. This is all speculation of course but I having visited Star Trek: The Experience  before its closing it would be nice to see it again in some shape or form.

Of course it would never be as good a Star Wars themed "land" at Disney.

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