Monday, February 27, 2012

Mash Up Monday: L.B. Rayne's "Skywalking" (The Lost Star Wars Theme Song - video)

Jedi Mouseketeer's "Mash Up Monday" features great music videos, music mash ups and spoofs covering Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. This week L.B. Rayne with a classic clip suited for singing along at the dentist office.

Official music video for L.B. Rayne's "Skywalking", a tender Star Wars love ballad from 1980, written and intended for the soundtrack of "Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back".

"Skywalking" (The Lost Star Wars Theme Song - video)

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L.B. Rayne's "Skywalking" (The Lost Star Wars Theme Song)

I spent a cold dark life alone on Tattooine,
Hoping to find a girl who showed what true love meaned.
Your a princess in the fight, but Leah you're the queen of my dreams.

And now my heart's alive but I'm not really in the mood for talking,
'Cause I'm skywalking,
Although I'm short for trooping, tonight you'll feel a storm so long it's shocking,
As we're skywalking...
We'll be skywalking, you and I.

I know you're scared, I heard you say "this isn't right",
The other man you had is frozen carbonite.
With the Empire's base in sight,
The rebel's have to leave by tonight.

And now we're all alone, and I unplugged the phone. Hear, no one's knocking,
Let's try skywalking.
Champagne and candlelight, my saber's burning bright,
The music's rocking,
Almost skywalking...
Soon we'll be skywalking...

I'll gently kiss your lips, Lando gave some tips while we were talking,
'Cause he's gone skywalking.
My love's a rocket ship, open your port cause soon I will be docking.
Now we're skywalking...
Yeah we're skywalking, through the sky.

You and I....

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