Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sorcerer Radio Chats with Janel Parrish of ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars"

Sorcerer Radio Network correspondents took part in a special press interview with Janel Parrish, who stars as Mona Vanderwall on ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars."

Janel Parrish set her sights on stardom at an early age. She's been singing and playing the piano since she was six. She's already been on Broadway and has appeared in a bunch of TV shows and movies. She played Jade in "Bratz," and had a recurring role on "Heroes." She's guest-starred on "The O.C.," "Zoey 101," and "The Bernie Mac Show." As far as movies go, Janel's in "April Showers," "Triple Dog," and "Fired Up!" Upcoming projects include "Knots," and "One Kine Day." (Films not yet rated.)

Parrish's character Mona, was desperate to be in Alison's group of friends, but to them she was just a dork to be avoided at all costs. Times have changed since Alison's been gone. Big time. Now Mona is one of the popular kids at school and her BFF is none other than Hanna Marin. But can a person change that much? And when Hanna begins to reconnect with her old friends, what does that mean for Mona?

SR: Was it a hard transitioning from the bubbly Mona that fans are used to, to the dark twisted Mona that we saw last night in the episode?

J. Parrish: Yes. That was definitely the most challenging part and also the most fun part was transitioning from this bubbly character that I’ve played for two years to this dark, psychopath character that I’ve never in my life played before. That’s what made it so appealing was that it was a challenge. It was fun and I had to just kind of let go of this character that I’ve built for two years and create a new one and just go there. That’s what was really, really fun.

SR: You’re doing Spring Awakening in L.A. Does this mean there will be less Mona in Season 3?

J. Parrish: Definitely not. I’ve just been made a series regular for Season 3, so it’s very exciting. You will see more Mona. I am doing Spring Awakening in my hiatus because we do not start filming Pretty Little Liars until Season 3 starts April 2, so I’ve had time in my break to do a musical, which has been amazing because musicals are actually my first love.

SR: You’ve probably had plenty of suspicions that you were “A” just because of the books to begin with, so take us through when you first actually found out that you were going to be making this crazy, kind of awesome transition.

J. Parrish: Well, like you said, I had an idea during the pilot because I read the books, and since I was “A in the books. I’d asked the producers if I was “A” and they were being very coy and saying that I could be “A” but things could change since we’re not following the books exactly. I’d always kind of put it in the back of my mind that I could be “A” and I found out officially the week that we were filming the finale. We got the scripts a week before we started filming it. I read it and I was super excited. It was surreal and it was really hard not to tell anyone that I was “A.”

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