Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Create Your Own Disney Parks Magic at Home this Halloween - Patterns inside!

Between carved pumpkins, after-hours parties and tasty treats, Halloween is one of my favorite times of year at Disney Parks. Wouldn’t you like to bring some of that Disney magic into your home this Halloween? How about conjuring up the 999 happy haunts that inhabit the Haunted Mansion?

Haunted Mansion Ghost Masks at: http://a.family.go.com/images/cms/entertainment/content/Haunted-mansion-masks-printable-0909.pdf

and Haunted Mansion Cupcake Tombstones at:  http://spoonful.com/sites/default/files/haunted-mansion-cupcake-tombstones-sf-printable-0909.pdf  .

They’re so easy – you just print them and cut them out. Add the mask to an old suit and the tombstones to some delicious cupcakes and you’ve got your Haunted Mansion-inspired Halloween costume and snacks!

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