Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Magic Kingdom - Embracing a Changing World

                      The Magic Kingdom - Embracing a Changing World
                October 25-26, 2012  Disneyland Hotel  Anaheim, CA – USA

New opportunities abound in the midst of amazing transformations in technology, business, and culture. Inspired by Disney’s innovative vision, the cybersecurity community will gather at the Magic Kingdom on October 25-26 to look at change as a chance to achieve excellence. Disruptions like "big data”, "cloud computing”, massive collaboration, and business transformation make it possible for us to blaze new trails and build effective foundations. We are enabling our work forces to be mobile and productive while protecting sensitive data. We build systems and policies that impede our foes and guard our constituents. This is an exciting time to be in the information security field and we are all vital in making our businesses faster, better, smarter and, most importantly, safer.

CISO Executive members and guests please join us for the 4th Quarter CISO Forum on October 27*, immediately following the International Conference.The CISO Forum is open to members of the CISO Executive Program and qualified first time guests. CISO Members may RSVP on-line. Guest may review qualifications and apply to attend on-line:
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