Thursday, November 1, 2012

15 Potential Directors for the New 'Star Wars' Films

Now that the shock that Disney is buying Lucasfilm and producing three new Star Wars films -- news that froze some megafans like Han Solo in carbonite -- has worn off, it's time to look at the future of the franchise with clear eyes. The fact that creator George Lucas will not direct the films and that Kathleen Kennedy will produce them opens up a wide world of possibilities. Those possibilities, of course, all depend on who takes the helm for the films.

Could the 15 prospects possibly be:

J.J. Abrams: current king of TV sci-fi
Jon Favreau: has major cred with Disney
Joe Johnston: Marvel vet
Christopher Nolan:  that's redefining the modern comic book franchise
Matthew Vaughn: X-Men prequel
David Yates: finished the Harry Potter series
Alfonso Cuaron: another Harry Potter director
Zack Snyder: polarizing figure in the fan community
Josh Trank:  up-and-coming director
Duncan Jones: breakout indie hit
Brad Bird: two-time Oscar winner for his work with Pixar
Drew Goddard:  lifetime Star Wars fan
Seth MacFarlane: Family Guy animation king
Guillermo del Toro: master at monster films and sci-fi
George Miller: rebooted his own Mad Max film

Who will they be?

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