Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Raise in Revenue Disney ESPN, Avengers DVD Earnings Are!

Here is a preview of the fiscal full year and fourth-quarter 2012 earnings after the market close on November 8.

Disney's anticipated gains are partially attributed to The Avengers, which was released on DVD in September. During the first few weeks of its release, the DVD and Blu-ray grossed nearly $150 million. This comes after the film's box office release, which added $1.5 billion to Disney's bottom line.

The same could be said for films made by Pixar's chief competitor, DreamWorks Animation (NYSE: DWA). Historically, DreamWorks films make less than those that are released by Pixar. But higher-quality films (such as Shrek and How To Train Your Dragon) have proven to be strong competitors to Pixar's releases. Wreck-It Ralph could prove to be equally as threatening.

Following the success of Marvel films, toys, video games and DVDs, Disney announced that it would add another major studio to its collection -- Lucasfilm. Acquired for $4 billion, Disney will use the studio to produce three new Star Wars sequels, at least one new cartoon on Disney XD, an immeasurable amount of new toys and a number of other items that have yet to be announced.

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