Friday, November 9, 2012

Portraying the role of Walt Disney

 One of the many things you learn in acting class is that no one can truly look like the person they are portraying, that is not the way to be portray a character. Looking like a character is not acting!  The actor expresses the emotions of a character, and through good training and a good director this is true acting. 

For those that think an actor should look like the character they are portraying is in the wrong of what acting is all about. 

Note, the actors who have portrayed God, no one knows what God looks like, so no one complained when Morgan Freeman or George Burns portrayed God. Did they do a good job? Yes they did! They told the story of emotions to the best of their ability! 

An animator drawing a Character might take a feature likeness of the actor who provides the voice for that character, but it does not look exactly like the actor. Do they do a good job? Yes they did! 

Do any of the many actors who portrayed Jesus, Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, look exactly the like the real person?  If put side by side, no they do not! Did these actors do a good job in portraying the character they were playing? Yes they did!

Then why is it that so many people feel that Tom Hanks doesn't look like Walt Disney?, when in fact, Tom is not to portray the likeness, but only the emotion of Walt Disney? I feel today people do not want to take the time in feeling an emotion of another person. They would rather just look at someone and listen to the words the actor is saying. By doing this, a person will never understand the character that is being portrayed on screen nor the emotion of the historical facts. 

Many people strive to get as many stories as they can about the famed Mr. Walt Disney, as it gives us the history of the man we all so very much love. Without this movie we may never know the history behind what Walt went through to get "Mary Poppins".

Now shouldn't that be the true meaning of the acting characters of "Saving Mr. Banks"? Yes it should!  

If this doesn't make you understand what acting is all about and you insist on bashing the likeliness of Mr. Walt Disney, then we might just have another John Carter on our hands. Can Disney afford this? No!  

I now hope you understand what acting is all about! 

Kathy Winfield-Sheely

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