Friday, November 2, 2012

Renewal Disneyland "Star Tours" Tokyo : "Star Tours The Adventures Continue"

New attractions appeared in Tomorrowland at Tokyo Disneyland: Date of opening of "Star Tours The Adventures Continue" will be happy I've decided on Tuesday, May 07, 2013. Experience time: 4 minutes and 30 seconds  - 40 people per cabin: Seating capacity - units: 6 cabins - total investment: ¥ 7.0 billion

"Star Tours: The Adventures Continue" is, for the first time, since its introduction in 1989, as an attraction to enjoy the world of "Star Wars" film series, and continues to attract many guests the "Star Tours" It is intended to Renewal.

The most important feature of this time of renewal, is that the system allows several scenarios that have been prepared for each scene will be selected at random, will be deployed in combination with more than 50 different story. You can experience the thrill unpredictable every time the guest experience with this.
By a new, and 3D images and realistic vivid surprisingly, and presence of a character in a movie that appears in front of you, and a sense of speed when moving at high speed through space stand out, he has evolved by there also Ride-linked system image that is added, you can enjoy a sense of realism about tension and have never experienced so far.

Number of characters and familiar scenes of thrill and further increase the sense of realism, appeared in the "Star Wars" film series people. Guest, and you'll encounter at Darth Vader, and you can reach the planet Coruscant shining from time to time, to be able to fully experience the world of cinema.

Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary on April 15, 2013. Opened in the year of a significant milestone this will create a "Happiness" biggest Tokyo Disney Resort: of course, "Star Tours The Adventures Continue" is the fans of the movie to see the movie You can also enjoy every minute of those who have not. Please look forward to space travel on New Tokyo Disneyland "Happiness" overflowing.

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