Wednesday, December 26, 2012

2013 is coming! in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea!

2013 is coming! in Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea! At the main program, "New Year's Greetings". Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse who has appeared in kimonos, we celebrate the New Year lively. At Tokyo DisneySea, also appeared in the boat and Sherry Mae Duffy! New Year's greetings to everyone.

2013 snake zodiac. 門松 the character of snake that appeared in "The Jungle Book" Disney movie, cars were drawn, placed at the entrance to the street entrance and MiraCosta Tokyo DisneySea Tokyo Disneyland World Bazaar, liven up the atmosphere of the New Year.

Also, ☆ hottest also goods named after the New Year
Fastpass holder candy version of the New Year and the (500 yen), Dharma of Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse has been designed (¥ 1,200), goods of type 70 appeared I will.

In addition, how about sweets serving the New Year mood?

"Roasted tea mousse, with a souvenir cup" (¥ 700), a cute Japanese taste chocolate dessert decorated with battledore. The delicately-perfumed mousse of roasted green tea, red bean grains have become accent.

"Caramel cream roll cake, with a souvenir plate" (¥ 700) roll cake with the motif of a rolled omelet. Caramel cream is plenty of fluffy sponge.

sells from Wednesday December 26 ※ menu.

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