Saturday, December 8, 2012

Along with the romantic tree ☆ "Christmas Wish" at Tokyo DisneySea!

                     Today, we will show you how to enjoy a more "Christmas Wish."

Tree and objects that appear in the night entertainment program "Color of Christmas" fresh. Light shine brilliantly even continue after the show, they are  wrapped in a romantic atmosphere actually the Mediterranean Harbor. It is nice to back the tree shining, also watching the fireworks decorate the Christmas version of the night sky ☆

Christmas song flows every 15 minutes, after the fireworks, I change glow beautifully tree and objects floating in the harbor to the music. 3 types of music, which I listen to the song and enjoy in all of that time! Please spend a wonderful evening of Christmas while enjoying the glow different.

During the Christmas period, and aboard the DisneySea Transit Steamer Line and Venetian Gondolas In addition, I'm able to get up close look at the tree and objects shining beautifully. Warm clothes a little, please thoroughly enjoy the fantastic scenery of the park that was different from the daytime.

Well, I think it was it? Enjoy the park is full of other nice Christmas! "Christmas Wish" has been held until December 25. If you are not yet experienced the beauty of this unique time, a romantic atmosphere, please come to Tokyo DisneySea means.

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