Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Development Secret Story Disney Resort Tokyo Dizuniana Fan Festival

Held on 24-25 February 2005, Disney Resort Tokyo Dizuniana fan festival. This program is packed with a variety of programs, by this time reached the third round. In this Dizuniana will deliver faster than anywhere, the latest information beginning in April 2013 The Happiness of the Year "," anniversary "Tokyo Disney Resort 30."

For example, the 30th anniversary exhibition of visual and image samples and products! You can find fun with this item "is!" It's out! "~ I wanted this." Also, that you can taste at the tasting menu that appears in the park during the event's 30th anniversary. In addition, a special program to be carried out in the Broadway Music Theatre, into Serve with plenty of the program on the second day of the event information for the 30th anniversary like this ♪ I will enjoy a presentation to convey the latest information on the 30th anniversary of further was.

Actually I'm a first attempt at Tokyo Disney Resort enjoy a tasting in a big exhibition and everyone of the guests prior to the start of the event, (pounding a little). I have just now, and can determine the layout of items you want to display, or choose the menu and tasting exactly, are preparing for their respective programs. And such also usually able to deliver the experience was a little different, it is unique Dizuniana!

By the way, the image of the package is Dizuniana stay strong, big point this time also can participate in some part of the day in the program of the second day "Open program" Passport. This passport and enjoy tasting the 30th anniversary exhibition, a presentation.

Open passport program where you can experience in a day Dizuniana is on sale from January 7, 2013 general!

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