Thursday, December 13, 2012

Disney Mobile to launch 3 NEW holiday GAMES and 4 big updates

Disney Mobile has had an incredible year when it comes to hits. All five of its major releases have gone to No. 1 in the Apple iTunes App Store in the past year. And now it’s launching three new games for the holidays and releasing four major updates for existing titles.

considering that most of the game publishing giants and entertainment companies haven’t figured out mobile games yet. Don’t be surprised if Disney Mobile triples or quadruples downloads in the last two weeks of the year.

#1 The new titles include Monster’s Inc. Run. Like Temple Run: Brave, this takes an existing game, Get Set’s Mega Run, and makes a new game out of it. It’s a side-scrolling platformer (pictured right) featuring characters from the Monster’s Inc. In the game, Sulley, Mike, and other characters have to save the little girl, Boo. It debuts on iOS on Thursday.

#2 Another new game is Nemo’s Reef, which you might consider to be a relaxation game. In it, you build a reef, decorate it, and collect a bunch of different tropical fish. It features Nemo and the cast from Finding Nemo. It debuts on iOS and Android on Dec. 20.

#3 The third new game is Where’s My Holiday?, a brand-new holiday-themed “Where’s My…” title featuring the characters Swampy and Perry. The game will debut on iOS and Android on Dec. 20.

Bart Decrem, who runs Disney’s mobile division, told me that he’s hoping the mix of updates and new titles will move his team back into Apple’s charts for the top 20 free and paid apps. Thanks to the purchase of new mobile hardware and gift cards, the holidays have always been a period of rapid growth for Disney (and for other app developers). For example, last year the company saw a 421 percent increase in downloads during the peak holiday period from December 20 to January 3, compared to the two weeks prior. But Decrem said this is the first time his team has coordinated such a big holiday push between all of its titles — in previous years, he said, “We just didn’t have the network.”

Here’s what Disney is planning for tomorrow:
The launch of 40 new levels featuring the character Dr. Doofenschmirtz in Where’s My Perry?, which will cost 99 cents, plus 20 new free levels

The addition of a new character, King Fergus, to Temple Run Brave, which will cost 500,000 coins

The addition of a new mini-game, Turbo Time, to Wreck-It-Ralph

The launch of the second episode of Avengers Initiative, featuring Captain America (the first episode focused on the Hulk)

The launch of a new game called Monster’s Inc. Run, a side-scrolling game made in partnership with Get Set, the developers of Mega Run (Disney used a similar partnership to create Temple Run Brave)

And here’s what Disney is planning for December 20:
The launch of a reef-building game called Nemo’s Reef, tying in to the 3D rerelease of Finding Nemo
The launch of Where’s My Holiday?, a holiday-themed variant on Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry?

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