Monday, December 3, 2012

FastPasses more Life Like Board Game?

We are in the fourth hour of our visit, a trip that not only reaffirms your faith in family fun but also threatens to detach a retina or two. When did family entertainment become such a herky-jerky scream fest? Then again, when wasn't it? I've been a father for a while now, with the bite marks and torn tendons to prove it.

At this point, I've been coughed on in 14 different languages, the latest (I think) Swedish, which sounds — in the lower reaches of their blond, bronchial tubes — like jars of pickles pounding the hood of your car.

OK, let's talk about these Fastpasses.
once the simplest of adventures, into a sort of scavenger hunt of shortcuts. It favors those who work the system, who treat life like a board game.
You know the type. Folks like this get a fleet deal on their Volvo when you paid full freight. At the front desk, they always wrangle the upgrade.
At Space Mountain, the waits were 80 minutes at 2 p.m. We decided to snag some Fastpasses and come back. Our designated return time: 11 p.m., nine hours later.
Nonetheless, these passes have become the funny money of Disneyland, a sort of underground currency. Let me just say I don't trust any economic system in which I don't automatically triumph.
Remember, a child's joy is your joy.
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