Sunday, December 16, 2012

Get Set turns 'Monsters, Inc.' into something you’ll actually want to play

                              "IT'S NOT JUST A RE-SKINNING OF 'MEGA RUN.'"

 The Toronto-based game developer just launched Monsters, Inc. Run, a title published by Disney Mobile as a way to promote the upcoming 3D re-release of Pixar's 2001 animated film. But this isn't your average licensed cash-in. Just as Disney did with Temple Run: Brave, the company has partnered with a successful studio with an existing hit game instead of developing something from scratch. From a business perspective it makes a lot of sense, as the arrangement provides Disney with a game to promote its movies, and smaller developers with a chance to work on massive properties. It also has another benefit — licensed video games that don't suck.


                         Video: Monsters Inc. Run Trailer:

Monsters, Inc. Run began when Disney approached Get Set about working on a project together. "It's fantastic that we would get that recognition," Segal says of being noticed by Disney. "They were talking to studios and looking at studios to possibly work with, and they approached us and it was kind of like, yeah, this seems like a really good opportunity." Get Set had released an iPhone game called Mega Run in May — think of it as Canabalt meets Super Mario Bros. — and it was a title that got Disney's attention. The two companies started talking about a project this summer, and eventually settled on doing a new version of Mega Run set in the Monsters, Inc. universe.

The result is similar to last year's Temple Run: Brave. That game took the familiar Temple Run gameplay, added a new mechanic, and dropped it into the world of Pixar's Brave. In the case of Monsters, Inc. Run, the game plays much like Mega Run — but instead of Get Set's own cast of cuddly characters, you play as monsters from the movie. Mike bumbles his way through stages while Sulley smashes everything in his path, and you can unlock some of the lesser known characters as well. There are new levels set in Monstropolis and beyond, and even a few small gameplay tweaks like a character switching mechanic. The two games are different was key for the studio.

The game is available now on iOS and features a good deal of content for its $0.99

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