Monday, December 17, 2012

If Disney Characters were Pro Football Mascot's

               Here's a Fun Look IF Football Teams had Disney Character as their Mascots!

Baltimore Ravens = Raven from Sleeping Beauty

Buffalo Bills =  Buffalo head in Country Bears /  Alameda Slim from Home on the Range / Junior the Buffalo from Home on the Range

Cincinnati Bengals = Tigger

Cleveland Browns = Dawg from the Muppets

Denver Broncos = Maximus from Tangled

Houston Texans = Ferdinand the Bull from 1938 Cartoon

Indianapolis Colts =  Maximus from Tangled /  Samson (Prince Philip's horse) from Sleeping Beauty

Jacksonville Jaguars = Bagheera from Jungle Book

Kansas City Chiefs = Indian Chief from Peter Pan

Miami Dolphins = Ariel

New England Patriots = George Washington from Hall of Presidents / Ben Franklin from The American Adventure/"Patriotic Mickey"

New York Jets = Dusty from Pixar Planes

Oakland Raiders = A Pirate from POTC

Pittsburgh Steelers =  Dwarfs from Snow White since alot of coal mines in Pgh.

San Diego Chargers = Lightning McQueen from Cars / Zeus

Tennessee Titans = Meeko from Pocahontas

Arizona Cardinals = Cardinal from Three Musketeers /  Pancho of the Three Caballeros

Atlanta Falcons = Falcon Hawk from Pixar Planes

Carolina Panthers = Marvel's Black Panther

Chicago Bears = Merida's brothers from Brave / Winnie the Pooh /  Little John, /  Baloo

Dallas Cowboys = Jessie & Woody from Toy Story

Detroit Lions = Simba from The Lion King

Green Bay Packers = Little Green Men from Toy Story

Minnesota Vikings = Viking guys from Tangled / Paul Bunyan

New Orleans Saints = Louis Alligator /  Hound from Fox and the Hound, Copper.

New York Giants = Willie the Giant from Mickey and the Bean Stalk

Philadelphia Eagles = Sam the Eagle from the Muppets

St. Louis Rams = chararacter Ram featured in the film Tron / rams from "Brother Bear"

San Francisco 49ers = Character from Big Thunder Mountain Movie yet to come / Prospector from Toy Story 2

Seattle Seahawks = Blue Bird from Song of the South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers = Captain Jack Sparrow

Washington Redskins = Chief Powhatan from Pocahonas

                     If you can think of anymore, leave a comment! Have a FUN Day!

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