Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Join the show at Tokyo Disney Resort!

                  ~ Voice of everyone who participated in the performer's Dream Festival ~
You can park appeared to show everyone that has been active in the amateur performer's Dream Festival that is taking place at the Tokyo Disney Resort is a program for a limited time.

Sing a Christmas song and singer of our Disney amateur singer, performer's dream festival "Voice of Christmas" to introduce this time, heart-warming concert. Between (Mon), is being held at the Lucky Nugget stage in Tokyo Disneyland - December 24 (Saturday) December 1, 2012.

[ Green surround City Chorus Club (Kanagawa) Sun Starring: December 1]
we have appeared to show such a lovely dream, I am truly grateful. You can see a lot of your lovely smile from the stage, we have a great experience. It was still a dream and magic kingdom. In addition, the choreography and the song was a little difficult in some places, but I was so much fun, even if you practice. I also want to try, I get the chance. Thank you so much!!!

[ (Chiba) C.COLORS : Sun February 12] appeared
just like that was the moment that "where dreams come true." I got the envelope from the time of acceptance, I think, "Surely, he worked hard until now, it is a reward to our own," and I have to practice hard to make ends meet all the time. To convincingly sing over and over again, dancing · · ·. But it was the day I was very pleasantly rich people. The production was filled full of tension and excitement, and you can "dream come true" cheerfully friendly towards us with a smile and words of encouragement and Disney Singers staff it. I am very grateful that I was also chosen us, do have a time and place for flagging this valuable. Thank you all! Also, I would like to come join us! ! !

[ voissalot (Tokyo ) Date: February 12 appearance]
was like a dream for 20 minutes. Pounding, while waiting in the wings and on stage emergency, everyone smiles and applause greeted the guests, to feel happy ... indescribable. Reversal from tension, heart and Jean is hot, I could sing happily with nature. This is an unforgettable memory that could sing on the stage sparkling Christmas decorations. We will participate in a wonderful place, thank you!

[ ちょKohamoん(Tokyo ) Sun Cast: March 12]
We have a very good experience, I am grateful. Have to say that those who do come to view as "very happy was singing," I'm happy to sing it was really fun. Dream of singing on the stage of one of Disney has come true. Experience fun, good, I will remember. I think I also would like to participate. For your kind support, thank you.

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