Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Marvel Comics for December 26, 2012 - Celebrate "Amazing Spider-Man" #700

Greetings true believers! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and wonder-filled holiday season! This week there is only one book that everyone should pick up. "Amazing Spider-Man" hits issue #700 and Marvel is celebrating the 50th anniversary of it's flagship title with a ton of variant covers. Check 'em out!

This issue is massive and is quite possibly the pièce de résistance of writer Dan Slott and company. I smiled and nearly had a tear swell up and really had the feeling on wanting to punch Slott in the face - to seal a phrase from the "This Week in Marvel" podcast crew. I don't want to give away the plot of this issue but it is an epic issue and although pricey at $7.99 it is well worth the price of admission. Be sure to check out the entire arc (starting at issue #698) and SAVE THIS ONE FOR LAST!

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700 (cover shown above)
Writer: Jennifer Van Meter, Daniel Slott, MARC DEMATTEIS
Artist: Stephanie L Buscema
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Orig. Published: December 26, 2012
Imprint: Marvel Universe
Rating: T+
Price: $7.99

Check out the variant covers!

Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700 (Quesada Wraparound Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700 (Quesada Wraparound Sketch Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700 (Martin Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700 (Ramos Wraparound Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700 (Ditko Variant)
Amazing Spider-Man (1999) #700 (Ditko Variant)
Thanks Marvel. Please take my money now. These issues and variant covers are too bad ass to pass up. 'Nuff said!

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