Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Princesses Make Disney the King of Merchandising see what's next!

The #1 Top money maker in North America are the Disney Princesses, infact 1.6 Billion dollars worth, and 3.2 Billion Dollars globally.

#2 Princess is from Star Wars at 1.5 Billion Dollars and double that globally

#3 Pooh Bear generating more than a Billion dollars
#4 Cars also brings in more than a Billion Dollars
#5 is Hello Kitty brought in about 800,000 dollars for owner Sanrio

                 Most Bankable Characters:

Bringing in #20 is Barbie over 50 years in age still hitting a quarter of a billion dollars, #26 in Iron Man Avengers, # is 30 Harry Potter sharing with Twilight

The reason, Toy Companies will stick with saver bets within the yearly economy scale and that often means the Classical Property's.

So whats the possible outlook that's big for this years, Nija Turtles, they are one of the few breakout hits this year.

         See the Video:

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