Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tokyo Disney Resort is a lot of plants in full bloom to greet each season!

With the comments of the person who introduced the plant can be seen in this season to Tokyo Disneyland.

: Viola - Viola × wittrockiana "Bibi"]
Mon 11-5: The best time to see Europe Place of Origin: violet / violet: genus name / family name
Location: Plaza
is distributed in the temperate zone of the world, in a wide range, and flexible to semi-shade from the sun grow. In the garden variety made ​​from varieties native to Europe mainly, prefer moderate humidity and a day, and a pinch or grant or fertilizer, you can enjoy the flowers longer things that are grown in a park. This is normally used to enjoy the spring flowers around March to June, and has recently become a flower bed of winter flowers that color completely. It was realized, Tokyo Disneyland has been said that I'm actually the first time in Japan.

: Viola - Viola × wittrockiana "Baby"]
Mon 11-5: The best time to see Europe Place of Origin: violet / violet: genus name / family name
Plaza Location:
catch the flowers bloom in November, do not sow in July and August no. I bring to seedlings not lose the energy at a high temperature of summer, from raising seedlings on land where cool, such as Nagano and Tohoku. Is what I was relieved when I was in charge of the flower beds, and finished planting the viola. To worry about the weather all temperature, rain, wind, hurricanes, and snow each season, playing decide to schedule, or start over, charge and that the flowers can become useless as soon as planted, mind I do not feel at ease. But Viola Once planted, you are working hard for us also next six months from November until May.

: [Matthiola incana Stock "vintage"]
Mon 11-4: The best time to see the Mediterranean coast Place of Origin: rape / wallflower: genus name / family name
Toontown (near Good Time Cafe Huey Dewey Louie): location
of moderately moist I planted towards the people to some well-drained land, sunny. Since the increase growing from seed, if you want to grow continuously, I need to devise a time to sow. In rural areas in Chiba Boso, I'm able to be picking flowers from us in January. There is a greater variety for cut flowers, blooming in the park is a small breed of the bedding. Smell in the morning is a strange flower is left still smell faintly of incense at night because at night.

:] [Yucca rostrata Yucca Rosutorata
year: The best time to see Mexico - Texas Place of Origin: agave / yucca: genus name / family name
Location: (near Tom Sawyer Island raft) Western Land
is native of North America, through Central America from southern, arid subtropical distributed, I prefer a well-drained soil and sunny. Although some species sensitive to the cold, this is the kind that can withstand winter in Tokyo. Although there are two types that are prevalent in Japan since ancient times by fellow yucca, and have very alike, because they planted too many places, I was not big enough to matter somehow. Outside park have never seen so far only in the garden plant, this species, but confidence is work.

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