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Top 10 Fun Facts About "Marvel's - The Avengers"

Iron Man and Captain America team up.
There is no doubt that most of the movie-going world has seen "Marvel's - The Avengers" by now as it has grossed an estimated  $1,511,757,910 worldwide. It has been called "the greatest superhero film of all time" by critics and fans alike but there is plenty about this blockbuster that people don't know. In no particular order here is a Top 10 list of fun facts you may not have known about the biggest film of 2012.

Whedon and Ruffalo on the set of Marvel's - The Avengers.
Mark Ruffalo claims to be the only actor to date to play both The Hulk and Bruce Banner in the same movie. Technically, both Eric Bana and Edward Norton have done motion capture work for their respective Hulks, but Ruffalo is the first actor to perform the Hulk live on set via performance capture. Ruffalo has reportedly signed on to do six more films. One can only hope there will be new series of solo film adventures in the future. I think if Marvel were to take pages from their new Marvel NOW title "Indestructible Hulk" they would be doing the fans a service!

At the end of the film, when the news clip of the waitress appears on Nick Fury's computer screen it is listed as SHIELD File A113. "A113" is a reference to the room number for graphic design at CalArts that is referenced in many Disney-Pixar animated films.

When Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner are blasted to a lower deck of the Helicarrier, it triggers Banner's transformation into the Hulk. As he is transforming, he falls from a platform to the floor. On the floor is painted "WARNING CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE" with small arrows, which happen to be pointing to Banner.

#7 Ambidextrous Hawkeye
Clint Barton (Hawkeye) is an ambidextrous archer (although Jeremy Renner is left handed). He is seen shooting right-handed in Thor and both left-handed and right-handed in this film

#6 Avengers Assemble
During the initial production of "Iron Man" and "The Incredible Hulk" in 2008 Marvel Studios executive Kevin Feige imagined that the international peacekeeping force S.H.E.I.L.D., headed by Nick Fury, could easily play into the storylines of both films. Feige and Marvel Studios then secured the rights for the characters of Thor and Captain America and was able to formulate what they call "Phase 1" of the Avengers story. To tease the idea of forming a super team Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson, made post-title cameos in all the stand-alone Avengers movies.

#5 Loki's Staff
Loki's staff which has a glowing blue gem in the spear head that allows him to control the minds of others is a reference to the Mind Gem. One of the seven Infinity Gems used by Thanos, who is the character shown in the post-credits scene to be the leader of the Chitauri.

#4 Colson's Cards
One of the cards in Agent Coulson's Captain America card set is a reproduction of Captain America's first comic book appearance where he punches out Hitler.

#3 Captain's Bars
The silver stripes on the shoulders of Captain America's uniform have two indents in them which look like a pair of vertical standing silver bars. The U.S. Army insignia for denoting a captain is two vertical silver bars.

#2 Revisionist History
In the movie, Captain America is a founding member. In the comics, Captain America was unfrozen in Avengers #4 when he was accidentally discovered when the team was looking for Namor the Sub Mariner.

#1 No Shawarma for the Cap
In the final end credit scene, Captain America is the only one not eating. That is because Chris Evans got a buzz cut and grew out his beard after The Avengers was done filming. He was called in later to do this extra scene and refused to shave off his beard due to having been filming Snowpiercer at the time, so they gave him the prosthetic jaw. He holds his hand over his face because the prosthetic made him look like he'd been attacked by a hive of angry bees. He also is unable to eat or talk with the prosthetic on. The wig he wears as Captain America is also quite clearly visible in certain shots of this scene.

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