Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Everyday Disneyland Couple Gets Recognition for Visiting 366 Days in a Row

Mark Eades pictured with Jeff Reitz (left) and Tonya Mickesh, the couple that visited Disneyland every day in 2012 with Tom Staggs, chairman of Disney's Parks and Resorts
Today, couple Tonya Mickesh and Jeff Reitz will go through the entrance turnstiles to Disneyland for the 366th day in a row this leap year. It's a journey that's seen them spend 24 hours in the park for the 24-hour Leap Day, watch baby ducks grow up and go from unemployed to full time jobs, while becoming nationally known as the "everyday Disneyland couple."

Going to Disneyland got tougher during the year, as they both found full-time jobs. Mickesh's job started in late April and entailed working second shift, so they would go in the mornings. Then Reitz found a job in September, making it difficult to go together. So during the week they would go at separate times, leaving the weekends for joint trips as the year progressed.


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