Friday, January 11, 2013

Duffy's Desserts - Tokyo DIsneyland

Tokyo Disneyland From January 14, dining corner of Duffy is open for a limited time in Cape Cod Cook-Off! This year, the new appearance with a set that was in addition to casseroles and desserts Sherry Mae Duffy.

This year is a combination of two types of dessert tray with souvenir souvenir cup and how! Have entered the souvenir cup with a heart design with plenty of orange mousse tart. Assortment of three types of chocolate flavor is rich riding the souvenir wooden tray.

Duffy in the form of chocolate there 's a secret! Please find us ... before they eat!

Emergence of new "Blue Ribbon set, with souvenir casserole" is a set menu with a soft drink to warm you enter the fruit gratin casserole beef burgers and pastrami. Can also be used to bake the gratin casserole in your souvenir is a heat-resistant product!

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