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Thoughts on Future of Star Wars Comics and Books with Disney at the Helm

The following is an excerpt from an interesting article on regarding the future of Star Wars comics and books.

Aljon's take...
The good news is that Disney and Marvel have a working relationship with DK and DelRay and from my understanding when all is said and done regarding the licencing of the Star Wars comics Lucasfilm will opt to have Marvel once again take over publishing the Star Wars comics.

What do you think of the current Dark Horse Star Wars comics? Comics have come a long way since the old Marvel series I grew up with. I think in the end we all win. Take a read and leave a comment. - Aljon

Obviously, Disney is going to take over all of the films, television shows, and video games for both Star Wars and Indiana Jones, but that's not all that the two franchises represent.

Some decisions seem pretty easy. LucasBooks, for example will likely stay intact as is. The LucasBooks imprint, which publishes all the Star Wars novels, is not owned by LucasFilm, and thus did not go over to Disney with the acquisition. This imprint is a division of DelRey Books, which pay for the licensing rights to use the Lucas name.

Disney will likely leave this arrangement alone because it does not usually print novels in-house - though they do have a division for printing small children's books. Random House currently prints almost all novels associated with Disney properties, and, on the surface, there doesn't seem to be any good reason to move Star Wars and Indiana Jones books over from DelRey to Random House.

There are two new Star Wars Storylines beginning in 2013 over at Darkhorse: a new volume of Star Wars: Legacy and a book which details some of the events between Episodes IV and V. When these are done, I would expect that no more Star Wars will come from Dark Horse, though it may be late 2014 or early 2015 before Marvel has the people in place to do its own Star Wars books again.

It may be the middle of next year before Disney makes an official statement about the future of Star Wars comics.


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