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"The Happiness 30th Year Anniversary" Tokyo Disney Resort Celebrations start Monday, April 15, 2013 through March 20, 2014

At Tokyo Disney Resort, from (month), unfolds over 340 days of Happiness The Year "," anniversary "Tokyo Disney Resort 30" is, we finally starts on April 15, 2013.

History of the Tokyo Disney Resort began in April 15, 1983. Begin to Cayenne Tokyo Disneyland, as new facilities such as the Disney hotels Tokyo DisneySea, three, born "Where dreams come true", along with the memories of every one guest, Happiness of a lot has been born.

"Happiness" is the theme of "The Happiness Year" will be a major milestone. I want to one-year special share and surprise discovery, through the impression that I did not notice until now, along with the cast and fellow friends and family, of Disney important, and birth to "Happiness" biggest Tokyo Disney Resort I hope.

Spectacularly decorate the opening on April 15 is a parade "Happiness Is Here" on the new lunch Tokyo Disneyland. Devoted to various fellow Disney Happiness, in a grand parade exciting colorful spanning 500m in length, would be to all the people on the spot will be involuntarily smile. To appear in Tokyo Disneyland on May 7, new attractions and "Star Tours: The Adventures Continue." The story unfolds it is deployed in more than 50 different combinations of video and 3D, surprise and adventure that you have never experienced until now the waiting guests.

In addition, especially in the park two other colored decorations with the motif of colorful "Happiness balloon", each facility of the Tokyo Disney Resort Special menu fun special goods that are designed in the motif of the balloon, even appearance, Feel the "Happiness" a lot of such resort liner that is designed, when and wherever you go and Room Amenities special design of Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, the menu, "Happiness balloon" luxury at Disney three hotels appreciated.

Disney make up colleagues, guest, cast together, "The Happiness Year" biggest Tokyo Disney Resort. Memories in the past 30 years, was born in Tokyo Disney Resort, in one year we carved a special "Happiness" a new, Please look forward to.

                                                     Tokyo Disneyland

                                         ◆ New Day Parade "Happiness Is Here"

With the theme of "Happiness" a variety of his fellow Disney, New Day parade "Happiness Is Here" is a spectacular parade exciting colorful spanning 500m in length.

Start of "Happiness Is Here" formed, is a unit that represents the scene "music" begins to create a happy Happiness seven units, 13 units in the float. Goofy and float to the top, with the motif of Mickey Mouse toys, float in the shape of a train appeared lively.

Unit was then represented by such characters who and "Lilo & Stitch" in "Toy Story" series, the joy of friendship "various", was out created by the "desire" of Aladdin, the march of the royal palace gorgeous unit unfolds is coming.

Then, the "dream" full of honey seen units that represent the world to express colorful "beauty" by Fairies and Disney Princess, the fun quirky in the "mystery" of Alice and Pooh, various Units can feel the "Happiness" You will follow.

We have Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, riding a balloon float Happiness balloon filled with a lot of height 12m, in the finale, the next guest, the "Friends of Disney dreams come true me."

Parade "Happiness Is Here" that all people on the spot will be involuntarily smile. Please look forward to the new face of Tokyo Disneyland lunch.

<Summary parade> 
location of a performance: the parade route
about 45 minutes (once a day) Time: Performance
Total number of performers: approximately 130
name: 52 characters starring
units: 13 Number of float

in the current performance ※ "Jubilation!" will end on Friday, April 05

World Bazaar and the main entrance, Plaza is full of decoration with the motif of a colorful balloon Happiness. And can alter the photo location Cinderella Castle was decorated with his fellow Disney or adorned with glamorous Happiness balloon logo and the 30th anniversary of a large flower bed at the entrance was dressed in the costume of the 30th anniversary, heart You can see such a world is excited.

In addition, the plaza terrace, "Share Happiness spot" appeared. Touching the monuments, in the decoration to be able to experience a moment of happiness is born by sound and light, you can feel the happiness which was full of surprises. It should be noted that, in the "Share Happiness spot", can also be linked to special goods sold as "Happiness Pendant (£ 2,500)" and enjoy. (Please refer to the "Special Goods" on page 5 for more information)

<Guided Tour> 
to convey the charm of the park which is full of the 30th anniversary, to Happiness, "to the world of dreams and magic of Disney:" Guided Tour for a limited time to implement The Happiness Year "special version".

Such as the ability to experience the parade from a private viewing area "Happiness Is Here" new lunch, this tour will enjoy the charm of "The Happiness Year".

March 20, 2014 April 15, 2013 implementation period
(maximum of 12 people) Group Tours: shape
Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes
2,000 yen 3,500 yen Child: Adult rates
available Attractions: Big Thunder Mountain, It's A Small World, Star Tours: The Adventures Continue (up to May 6, the use of Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters)
Award Tour: From a private viewing area "Happiness Is Here" Guided Tour Appreciation

<Disney Drawing Class> 
at Disney drawing class, we offered such as a class to draw a Disney character with the "Happiness balloon", a special class of the 30th anniversary.

                                                         Tokyo Disney SEA

<Entertainment program>

◆ greeting Happiness On The Sea
concert location: Mediterranean Harbor
performance time: about 8 minutes (once a day)
name: 7 Cast

"Happiness Greeting On The Sea" is seven colleagues Disney Mickey Mouse and other is the water greeting greetings to the boat.
In addition to Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse dressed in the costume of the 30th anniversary, Shelley Mae and Duffy Donald Duck, Goofy, and Pluto, and, according to the theme song of the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, ship logo 30th anniversary has entered I appeared to greet ride, "Let's important to share with family and friends, and experience happiness."
Along the way, make a simple gestures along with the guests, fellow Disney sent out a new guest to experience happiness now.

It is also celebrated in vivid colors Tokyo DisneySea, is decorated with colorful "Happiness balloon", and the 30th anniversary to the nines.
In addition to the photo spot of his fellow Disney and balloon appeared, around DisneySea Aqua Sphere, ornate decoration also appeared in the colorful street MiraCosta.
In addition, the theme of five ports (Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Mysterious Island), the monument "Happiness share spots" can be set up to feel the moment of happiness is born with sound and light . It should be noted that, in the "Share Happiness spot", can also be linked to special goods sold as "Happiness Pendant (£ 2,500)" and enjoy. (Please refer to the "Special Goods" on page 5 for more information)

<Entertainment program>

◆ High on Happiness
(except for some period), alter the duration of the special version of "The Happiness Year" fireworks that color the sky. Please enjoy the fireworks according to the theme song of the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, decorate the night sky.

<Special Collectibles> 
as well as goods that are designed in the motif of Happiness balloon with his fellow Disney, special types of 600 together such goods design look back in the costume of Mickey Mouse 30 years, Disneyland Tokyo, Tokyo DisneySea Goods I appeared.
In particular, as a special goods that can be interactive experiences "Happiness pendant" for sale ※ 1 is (¥ 2,500). Each at five locations in each park ※ 2 is "Happiness share spots", as it can be "experience Happiness" much-valued, and accumulate three light, a gift (pendant accessories) Original Goods omission.
In addition, figures and display a set of "Happiness Is Here", and diamond necklace, special goods in limited quantities at Tokyo Disneyland, ※ three other to sell, at Tokyo DisneySea, special goods of Sherry Mae and Duffy ※ four I am also available.

☆  from April 11 special goods, you would pre-sale
sold from January 15 4 ※ 1 "Happiness pendant" is
"Happiness share spots" in Tokyo Disneyland ※ 2
-Plaza Terrace (2 locations)
, "Toy Station "," Image Works "," Gag Factory / Five-and-dime "window of
three places above, "" It has become a spot where you can enjoy people with Happiness pendant
of Tokyo Disney Sea " Share Happiness spot "
Port Discovery, Lost River Delta, Mermaid Lagoon, Arabian Coast, Mysterious Island
※ 3 limited edition quantity is sold lottery. Details will be announced in late February at the official web site
of special goods ※ 4 and Sherry Mae Duffy, sell ahead of April 12

<Special menu> 
We offer Tokyo Disneyland at Tokyo DisneySea, a different menu where you can feel the "Happiness" in eating experience.
The "Crystal Palace Restaurant" Tokyo Disneyland decoration of the 30th anniversary is applied to the nines in the store, greedy with the motif of a menu reprint menus and popular hamburger heart, smoked turkey, such as clam chowder miso, Park two In addition to holding a buffet that, "Eastside Cafe," "Blue Bayou Restaurant" in Tokyo Disneyland, in the "Magellan" of Tokyo DisneySea, is a special course colorful motif colorful "Happiness balloon" I appeared ※ 1 .
In addition, "Center Street Coffee House" "The Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall" of Tokyo Disneyland, the "Horizon Bay Restaurant" Tokyo DisneySea, eat perfect to share with your family and friends, etc. anniversary cake sale to celebrate the 30th anniversary of such.
In addition, popcorn and bucket-shaped balloon that the image of "Happiness balloon", the first appearance, the original with Collectible Glass both the logo of restaurants gummy with souvenir case is perfect, and the 30th anniversary is designed to walk eat delivered in line with the extensive menu is also where you can take home souvenir and drinks, the memories.

☆ sold ahead of April 11 special menus,
special above courses ※ 1, if you order a special buffet, you can attach a (¥ 1,000 each type and 4) Collectible spoon limited 30th anniversary for a fee, Can you leave your memories of the 30th anniversary (yen 1,100 1 type), along with the special case (¥ 3,500) Collectible spoon to sell in the shop in the park separately

                                                               Disney Hotel

Disney also three hotels, expand the variety of programs, sharing with guests "Happiness" unique Disney hotel.
During the period, at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel, we served in the special design of the Disney characters dressed in the costume of the 30th anniversary items, rooms and room amenities, room key. In addition, a limited product that you can purchase for a limited guests appeared, and special programs at the banquet and restaurant, on the Disney three hotels, including Disney Ambassador Hotel and Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, and limited edition items 30th anniversary of wedding , you can feel the "Happiness" in a variety of ways to enjoy.

                                                     Disney Resort Line

April 15, at the Disney Resort Line, "Happiness balloon" and his fellow Disney Wearing a costume that runs from the 30th anniversary of wrapping the vehicle was designed.
In addition, the Resort Gateway Station, Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Photo location is designed appeared.

                         Tokyo Disney Resort 30th Anniversary official camera app

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, camera app "Happiness Cam" first official dedicated smartphone appeared March 15. When technologies AR, to take a picture, choose a fun effect named after Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, with this app, Utsushidaseru the "Happiness" just for you. In addition, from April 15, also provides effects that can only shoot in the park.
※ at the official website, the details will be announced March 15

                                       Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages

Vacation packages such as untimed FASTPASS ticket and stay in a hotel and Disney is now set. Awaits all guests, the appeal of "The Happiness Year Anniversary" Tokyo Disney Resort 30.

Overview "2DAYS to enjoy" the happiness "of the 30th anniversary"

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