Thursday, February 28, 2013

Disney: A MUSICAL based one of the SHAKESPEARE PLAY

Disney has reportedly hired Tony-nominated director Alex Timbers to direct a movie musical version of one of William Shakespeare’s plays. Which one, we don’t know. Hamlet‘s been over done already.

Alex Timbers already has experience with musical-izing the Bard: He’s currently working on a musical version of Love’s Labour’s Lost for Shakespeare in the Park. Says the director of his Disney undertaking:

“The script stretches the boundaries of the movie musical and demands the sort of surprising visuals and raucous spectacle I love to create in my own stage musicals.”

For the theater kids reading this, the stage musicals Timbers has directed include Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and The Pee-Wee Herman Show on Broadway, plus Disney’s Peter And The Starcatcher.

The yet-unnamed Shakespeare musical is being co-produced by Adam Shankman, who directed the movie versions of Hairspray and Rock of Ages. The writer is relative newcomer Amy Talkington. There’s nothing else we know about the musical yet, not even what movie it will be based on (though Susana predicts A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which sounds about right to me.) So, in absence of any more concrete information.

Which Shakespeare play do YOU THINK IT IS?

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Disney's Planes Swaps Out Jon Cryer For Dane Cook In Lead Role

Landing in Theatres August 9, 2013

Just yesterday we posted the latest trailer for Disney's upcoming Cars spin-off Planes. But already Disney has pulled the linked vid, and now we have an idea as to why. A new press release reveals that the lead role of Dusty, a crop duster plane that dreams of being a high-flying air racer, has recently been recast. Throughout the film's development, Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer was lending his voice to Dusty, but now his recorded tracks are being dropped and replaced by stand-up comedian Dane Cook.

Considering Disney's Planes is slated to open this summer, this seems a surprising and short notice switch up. The press release offers no details on why the change was made, though the film's director Klay Hall (Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure)

Dane Cook brings unmatched charisma and brilliant comedic timing and instincts to the character. He gives Dusty a great edge.”

If you've ever seen Cook's stand-up act, you are probably familiar with his high-energy approach to comedy. Personally, I think this energy would translate well into the world of voice acting. For his part, Cook has dabbled in this arena before, lending his voice to characters in Crank Yankers, and Farce of the Penguins. But aside from a one-off spot on the cartoon series Duck Dodgers, this will be Cook's first attempt at voice work for a kids movie.

Another point clarified in this press release is that while Planes is based on the world of Pixar's Cars, Pixar is not involved with this spin-off's production. Instead, Disneytoon Studios is producing what is promised to be " an action-packed 3D animated comedy adventure."

This might make those of you who were unimpressed by Cars groan. But it's worth noting that helmer Hall worked his way up in animation as a supervising director on such sharply funny cartoon series as The Simpsons, King of the Hill and Father of the Pride. So here's hoping Hall will readjust the course of Planes to make it the high-flying fun Disney is promising, instead of the clunker comedies that came before it.


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Disney Pixar’s ‘Ratatouille’ getting its own attraction at Disneyland Paris

The announcement was made during Euro Disney’s annual shareholder meeting:

“Our new family-focused Ratatouille attraction, which is scheduled to open in 2014, symbolises all of the creativity, innovation and emotion that guests associate with a Disneyland Paris experience. By developing this new Ratatouille attraction, we continue to ensure our guests can experience their favourite Disney stories in memorable ways that only Disney can provide. The theme, which is very fran├žais, is a tribute to our capital and the unforgettable characters that make Ratatouille the ideal choice for an attraction that fits perfectly at Disneyland Paris,” said Euro Disney Chairman Phillippe Gas.

Pixar films have been no stranger to the Disney Parks treatment. The biggest, most recent Pixar attraction to open at a Disney park is Cars Land at California Adventure in Anaheim, California. The land boasts multiple rides and eateries set within Radiator Springs. Also in California Adventure is the very fun Toy Story Midway Mania attraction and A Bug’s Land. Hong Kong Disneyland and Disneyland Paris have numerous Toy Story-themed rides in a land based on the classic film trilogy.

No other details about the Rataouille ride have been unveiled. If we were to guess, we’d hope the attraction takes you through a hectic cooking experience with Remy and Linguini.


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Meme Week: Admiral Akbar and the Tramp

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Just for You: Need-to-Know Tips Before Booking Your Cruise

Here’s how Your Disney Cruise can make the process go more smoothly:

                                        #1 A travel agent can be a great ally
Although you can book a cruise direct with any cruise line, travel agents are paid a commission by cruise lines and have access to pretty much all the same deals that you do. In other words, if you have your heart set on a specific ship or itinerary, let a travel agent do the legwork to locate the best price. And when you don’t know the exact cruise you want, a good travel agent will work to match you with the right cruise line and vessel and source the best price. Our experiences with travel agents have not always been perfect—find one that specializes in cruises and has performed lots of ship inspections, get all promises in writing and, when you find a good agent, reward them with your future business.

                              #2 Never pay full price and watch for onboard credits
With rare exception, virtually every cabin on every ship sells for less—often considerably less—than the “brochure” rate. The brochure price is the published fare for a cruise, a price that’s usually set more than a year in advance. But as soon as cruise fares are announced, the special offers start to materialize, starting with early booking discounts. These can be a good deal, but for most cruises additional sales will lower the rate even further. If a cruise isn’t selling well, the price will drop dramatically in the last few weeks before departure. Conversely, when the cruise is nearly sold out, deals will evaporate. Note that discounts are often less pronounced for unique itineraries that aren’t repeated throughout the year. But those who can travel on less than a month’s notice and are flexible with travel dates can often find discounts off brochure rates of 70 to 80 percent, even on luxury cruise lines.

Onboard credits are a neat incentive, in effect a rebate on your cruise fare that comes in the form of a credit to your cabin account. The credits can be as little as $25 or $50, or they can amount to hundreds of dollars, especially for cruises longer than a week or for more expensive cabins. Unless you’re booked on an all-inclusive luxury cruise, don’t worry—you’ll spend it. Tips run $11-$12 per day, per person, and most cruise lines even charge for sodas. Always get onboard credits in writing and check your onboard account soon after embarkation—we find credits are often not properly communicated to the cruise line in advance of sailing.

                                                    #3 Know what’s included
This is where things get tricky. While cruises used to be a fairly inclusive product, in recent years cruise lines figured out that one way to increase overall revenue was to lower the upfront price of a cabin, but charge for many of the extras we used to take for granted. When comparing the major cruise lines, the list of inclusions varies. Most charge for sodas, but Disney Cruise Line doesn’t. Celebrity charges for pay-per-view movies on your TV, but Holland America has an extensive DVD library on each ship, delivered gratis to your room. All of them include meals at the main dining room and grazing at the buffet, but they charge for specialty dining—experiences that can range from $5 to $95. And don’t forget to check airfares before locking in a booking. A great deal on a swanky Mediterranean cruise during peak season isn’t necessarily hard to find, but Europe’s summer airfares may give you heart palpitations.

                                               #4 Understand the cabin types
There are four basic types of cabins on almost every ship. Cheapest will be the interior or inside cabins—that is, a windowless room with no view. While we haven’t met anyone who actually prefers an interior cabin, the savings can be significant. Often identical in size and features to an interior, ocean view or outside cabins will be found along the exterior of the ship, most frequently on lower decks. The views can vary considerably—from round portholes barely one-foot-wide to floor-to-ceiling windows allowing ample natural light. Note also that ocean views can be obstructed by lifeboats or railings; these should always be identified as such on cruise booking websites.

Next up are balcony or verandah cabins and, again, the size of this feature can vary—from Juliet-style, big enough only for one or two people to stand on, or spacious enough to set up dinner at a table with two chairs. Cabins with balconies usually command a premium—sometimes double the price of an ocean view cabin. Before plunking down on a big fare, think carefully about how many hours you expect to be out on the balcony, gazing at that sea view. The fourth category is, of course, suites, and in size and amenities these vary greatly from one cruise line to the next. Considering the expense, suites are one more reason to work with a well-versed travel agent who can walk you through cabin layouts and amenities.

Note that within each type of cabin are sub-categories. So, the cheapest ocean view will probably be an obstructed view or one with a small porthole view, while a few dollars more will buy a better view. A few dollars more will put you in an ocean view cabin towards the middle of the ship, the location preferred by most cruisers.

                                                    #5 Consider a guarantee
During the booking process you will choose your cabin from within the category you have booked. While there are reasons for choosing one room over another, there is often another option to consider, a guarantee—one of our favorite ways to save. In this instance, most commonly availed to those booking in the final months before sailing, by choosing a guarantee cabin, cruisers put the cabin choice in the hands of the cruise line. In exchange, the cruise line offers a lower rate than the lowest for that cabin type. So, the cheapest ocean view cabin for a given cruise might be priced $1099 per person, for an assigned cabin, but those choosing a guarantee ocean view will pay $999. The downside is that you could wind up with the worst cabin in that category—a slightly smaller room or obstructed view, or an unfavorable location, but it’s possibly the same one you might have paid $1099 for anyway. The upside—in addition to the savings—is you might be upgraded to a better cabin.

When do you find out your assigned cabin? We’ve usually gotten our cabin number a few weeks before sailing, though once we didn’t find out till we arrived for embarkation. And the results have panned out both ways: We’ve chosen a guarantee and wound up in a less desirable cabin, and on other occasions we’ve been upgraded to a better cabin than our budget could afford (from an ocean view to a balcony on one luxury cruise). But we’ve never been downgraded to a lower cabin type (i.e., from an ocean view to an interior), so when the savings are good, we usually take the risk.

                                                   #6 Know Your Dining Options
In addition to table size, there are usually two basic dinner choices that you will be presented during the booking process on most of the mainstream lines: One of two set dining times in the main dining room—usually around 6 and 8 p.m.—or an open seating option, whereby you can have dinner in the main dining room any time from about 5:30 to 9 p.m. Once you lock in your choice for a set dining time or the open plan, it is not always possible to switch it after embarkation, so give this step of the booking process careful consideration.

While the open seating option (which goes by different names for each line) would seem to be the easiest pick, allowing the greatest flexibility, there are downsides. At prime time (around 7 p.m. for most cruises) there may be a wait for a table, especially for parties larger than four. You will be seated in a different location nightly and, unless you request a private table—not always available—you’ll be dining with different guests nightly. If you opt for the traditional set meal times you’ll be assigned the same table and waiters each evening and break bread with the same fellow cruisers nightly.

Whichever option you choose, this impacts only your dinners in the main dining room. For breakfasts and lunches here you will be seated at the first available table—usually without a wait. And you’ll be able to dine anytime at the ship’s buffet (at no charge) or specialty dining venues (with a surcharge and, usually, a reservation).

For the Best Advice, as she has cruised for Years,  

              contact Kristen Hoetzel at: 

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Dane Cook to Star in Disney Animated Film 'Planes'

The comedian-actor will voice Dusty, a small plane with dreams of racing glory -- and a fear of heights.

The comedian will star as the lead in Disney's upcoming animated film Planes, voicing a small plane named Dusty. A go-getter in search of adventure, Dusty dreams of being a pro racing plane, but must overcome both a lack of experience and, more importantly, a fear of heights.

The movie is being directed by animation vet Klay Hall and executive produced by John Lasseter. A 3D automotive flick, it comes on the heels of the successful Cars franchise but is from Disneytoons, not Pixar. Planes will hit theaters on August 9.


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Birthday Gifts at Tokyo Disney Resort

Today, it is the story of birthday gift. ♪ It is good news to everyone!

In the Disney Ambassador Hotel, option plan "Special Kids Birthday Plan" to celebrate the birthday of the children as of April 1!

Unique gifts and Disney, in the rooms of the original decoration has been applied to the bed, this plan is a plan to celebrate your child's Special Birthday! In a cute gift box, photo album, etc., and a stuffed Mickey Mouse!

When you enter the room when the child's face is priceless! Special photo opportunity!

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Disney Delivers Care Packages to Children's Hospitals Around the World

The first time  visit a hospital as a Disney VoluntEAR. Mickey, Minnie and I walked in the door with toys in hand. The smiles we witnessed were priceless. I could see that the young patients were able to forget their worries — even if just for a moment — and be kids again.

One of the ways Disney extends that happiness beyond regular hospital visits is by sending toys, DVDs, books, sleepwear and other items to hundreds of hospitals each year. This month, more than 600 children’s hospitals around the world will receive Disney care packages.

From Club Penguin memberships to Marvel action figures, Disney Princess dolls and beloved Disney movies, the packages help bring smiles and laughter to more than 200,000 kids. The items in each care package help promote therapeutic play and provide a sense of comfort and normalcy to children during their hospital stay.

Delivering care packages to hospitals has been a Disney tradition for nearly 10 years. To ensure the right mix of products to donate, Disney partners with Child Life Council – an organization that helps identify the most desirable products for the hospital environment.

 After all, promoting the happiness and well-being of kids and families is at the heart of what we do at Disney every day!

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Oz The Great and Powerful Original Motion Picture Score Soundtrack

Walt Disney Records will release the digital original motion picture soundtrack for "Oz The Great and Powerful" on March 5, 2012.  Oscar®-nominated composer Danny Elfman reunites with director Sam Raimi for "Oz The Great and Powerful" after composing original scores for the filmmaker's blockbuster hits "Spider-Man," "Spider-Man 2," "Darkman" and "A Simple Plan."

Original music composed by Danny Elfman:
1. Main Titles 2:57
2. A Serious Talk 2:23
3. Oz Revealed 1:58
4. A Strange World 1:48
5. Where Am I? / Schmooze-A-Witch 2:05
6. Fireside Dance 1:19
7. Meeting Finley 1:57
8. The Emerald Palace 0:47
9. Treasure Room / Monkey Business 2:56
10. China Town 3:07
11. A Con Job 1:47
12. Glinda Revealed 1:43
13. The Munchkin Welcome Song 0:41
14. Bad Witch 4:32
15. The Bubble Voyage 2:48
16. Great Expectations / The Apple 4:58
17. Meeting the Troops 1:18
18. What Army? 0:29
19. Theodora's Entrance / A Puppet Waltz 1:51
20. A Threat 2:07
21. Bedtime / The Preparation Montage 7:00
22. Call to Arms 2:13
23. Destruction 2:38
24. Oz The Great and Powerful 1:25
25. Fireworks / Witch Fight 1:39
26. Time for Gifts 5:54
27. End Credits from Oz 1:59
  Total Album Time: 66:19


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Meme Week: Tony Stark's 4th Grade Science Fair Project

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Selena Gomez, Bridgit Mendler Performing at Radio Disney Music Awards

Gomez leads a group of young artists, including Bridgit Mendler, Cody Simpson, YouTube sensation Austin Mahone, Cher Lloyd and Coco Jones, who will perform at L.A. Live's Nokia Theatre on Saturday, April 27, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Fans will vote on categories like Ultimate Breakout Star: Biggest Viral Artist; XOXO: Best Crush Song; and So FANtastic: Fiercest Fans, among others. The Radio Disney Music Awards will also honor five kids from the U.S. with the Heroes for Change award, recognizing their efforts to make a difference in their communities.

Kids between five and 18 across Radio Disney's 31 markets will also have a chance to win the Youth Service Award, which awards one child per market with a $500 grant for their community project and invites them to be honored at the awards show with one of their favorite stars.

The Radio Disney Music Awards celebrate the most popular recording artists among kids and tweens. The awards show will be available across multiple platforms, including Vevo, Disney Channel, Radio Disney, and the and websites.

"The Radio Disney Music Awards are a celebration of our listeners’ passion for music, their favorite artists, and an extension of our promise to provide kids and families with their music, their way," said Phil Guerini, vp and general manager of Radio Disney. "We are excited to offer kids across the country the chance to be a part of what will be music’s biggest night for kids."

                                           _Tickets are on sale at Ticketmaster_

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Disney TOPS cruise ship rankings! They go Beyond Mickey Mouse!

Enough talk about drifting cruise ships with overflowing toilets -- that's cruising the dark side.
On the other hand, how about a four-story waterslide, lots of kids' programming and a private island?

Decked out with these spiffy amenities, Disney's newest cruise ships took top honors at the 2013 Cruise Critic Cruisers' Choice Awards, the website announced Wednesday.
"Disney has done a great job at expanding without losing what makes it unique: characters and Disney-style entertainment," says Carolyn Spencer Brown, editor of, a popular website for cruising aficionados. "You can have multigenerational groups because they're providing something for every generation."

The Disney Fantasy trounced the competition in the 
Best large ship
Best overall ship
Best cabins Best entertainment
Best public rooms
Best service.

Disney has fine dining and tours for Adults and Children.

The new Disney ships feature 
Fine dining
Elegant on-board spa services
Adult-only tours
 The "fantastic kids program" is spread over almost an entire deck of space and includes
Animation projects
Princess and Hero dress up
 Disney movies
Outdoor fun and other activities.
The children are divided by age to ensure toddlers and teens have different activities.

For Your Fantasy Vacation contact Kristen Hoeztel at: 


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Meme Week: Truth About Star Wars

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In this article we are not just talking about original Oil Paintings, this is for ALL Art Work, prints included.

There are articles out there about LED Lights not destroying your art work. DON'T BELIEVE IT! These articles are put out by light bulb companies! Hense selling their light bulbs!  Even though they talk of proof they have NO scientific proof with links!

SUN LIGHT is the WORST for your Art Work! This will fade your Art Work quicker than anything.

NEVER place Art Work where direct Sunlight comes in through your windows that hits the Art Collection. Your BEST BET is to place your art work on an INSIDE WALL, and NEVER above a Fireplace or Outside Wall, moisture with start to build up and yellow mold spots will start to form and or causing your Art Work to fade and yellow!By the time the human eye sees these spots, the damage is already done.

Avoid picture lights mounted to the frames. They can cause what they call “hot spots.” In other words will will find spots that are lighter than the original.

Also very important, ONLY use 100% rag board when framing your Art work. Nothing should be touching your art work but the RAG!

Also Never put paper on the back of your Canvas Art work. Canvas is made to breath, placing paper behind canvas will stop the breathing process where mold can form.

Remember it is very important to keep a constant temperature in your room. Never open windows in the heat of the summer, or the cold of the winter.

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Dizniana Disney Resort Tokyo Fan Festival (Day 2) 

◆ Tasting & Food exhibition of the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort rises

Dizuniana second day (2/25), also joined 1,000 guests join us you open program where you can enjoy a day trip to Dizuniana passport! Exhibition of special goods such as information and the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, tasting menu was begun at 10 am.

The contents of the exhibition to be worried about, such as product samples and plenty panel to introduce the 30th anniversary event information! Attention seems to have gathered in accessories such as strap attached to popcorn bucket and bucket of popcorn, and unique collectable pin badge 30th anniversary with the motif of the past, especially Mickey. Was able to taste the other hand, a total of three products, such as mango mousse cake top hat that is also the 30th anniversary of Mickey costume has become the motif. I think there is a dream to all, including cute! Packaging glamorous when I hear the thoughts! And things.

◆ special lecture to look back on the history of the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary
On the other hand, in the Disney Ambassador Hotel main hall, lecture recalls targeted for participation guest accommodation package from 11.00, the history of the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary of Disney Legend by Toshio Kagami has been made. While exchanging the original photos and nostalgic open during construction and Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort untold story of the birth was revealed.

◆ Unlimited stuffed chocolate crunch! ?
If I say sweets perennial favorite among a variety of park souvenirs, chocolate crunch. In addition to the classic crunch chocolate and strawberry milk, and caramel, lemon flavor provides a pair soon will be sold as a product of the 30th anniversary! Was carried out for the guest accommodation package that unlimited participation justified to select a favorite flavor bag of four, this program also unprecedented.

While everyone is devised as a guest and not create a dead space in the bag, I Irassharu stuffed with chocolate crunch. In most people, I guess much has been packed in bags How many chocolate crunch.

◆ exhibition costumes that were used in the show actually
On the second day, communication space is opened in the Disney Ambassador Hotel. In addition to events such as mini-demonstration drawings by artists of the Tokyo Disney Resort has been made, had been used as a place for interaction between guests became friends over dinner and welcome.

In addition, the costume for the dancer that was used in the entertainment park in the past, was published for the first time to you as a guest of the exhibition. The costume of this exhibition was 30 points. There is also a chance that you can see up close the costume made from attention to detail, I was crowded with people of many guests.

◆ Special Programs & Closing Ceremony to conclude at the end of the Dizuniana
From 19 o'clock, a special program at the Broadway Music Theatre of Tokyo DisneySea, the participation of all guests is aligned Dizuniana began.

Developers of products and food appeared, respectively, in the presentation of information on the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, told everyone thought that was put into the guest's food products and episode or during development.

Also, one scene of the show was staged in the past Nostalgia is reproduced in the game corner on the theme of the auction. Each moment of the show was introduced, the venue is also similar to the voice of joy that had been raised scream.

Photographers and artists such as private tours of Tokyo Disney Resort, took place subsequently, the charity auction experience items were exhibited. The venue was filled with applause each time it is sold. The highest bid of 3 total items was ¥ 1.76 million.

Then, at the end of the closing ceremony is a program Dizuniana starts.

Treasure sphere that symbolizes Dizuniana is closed by Mickey, Disney colleagues wearing the costume of the 30th anniversary of the end is here! Program in the atmosphere glamorous dream, was held for two days has ended.

Special program, Disney Resort Tokyo Dizuniana fan festival filled with various experiences. This report has been carried to tell from the appearance of the development.

Since we have developed a program that everyone can enjoy the guest in the future, please stay tuned!
Resort Creation Department YK

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Disney Proxy Advisers Urge Rejection of Combined Top Job - Split Chairs

Institutional Shareholder Services Inc. and Glass Lewis & Co. both recommend investors back a proposal by Connecticut Retirement Plans & Trust Funds to separate the jobs in the future that are now held by Robert Iger. Shareholders will vote on the non-binding proposal at the March 6 annual meeting in Phoenix, Disney said in a January proxy filing.

Iger, CEO since 2005, was named to the added role of chairman last year, overcoming opposition from some proxy advisers and the California State Teachers’ Retirement System, the second-largest U.S. public pension fund. Nine years ago, Disney, the world’s biggest entertainment company, separated the posts to improve corporate governance during a shareholder revolt against then Chairman and CEO Michael Eisner.

“Disney’s performance during Mr. Iger’s tenure has been nothing short of spectacular,” the Burbank, California-based company said in a statement yesterday, citing a 76 percent shareholder return in the fiscal year that ended in September. “Disney has delivered results that speak for themselves.”

Iger, 62, plans to step down as CEO in March 2015 and serve as chairman until June 2016. Disney drew support from Egan-Jones Proxy Services, which opposes splitting the roles and backs the company’s pay and bonus plans.

Board Makeup
The pressure to split the top job at Disney comes as more companies embrace independent board leadership. According to the 2012 Spencer Stuart Board Index Report, 57 percent of S&P 500 companies have one person in the role of chairman and CEO, down from 75 percent in 2002.

Splitting Roles
Calstrs, which holds 5.28 million Disney shares, said on Feb. 14 it favors splitting the chairman and CEO roles and opposes the election of six Disney directors, including Iger. The $161 billion fund will also vote against Disney’s executive pay plan.
The pension fund generated a 1.8 percent return for the fiscal year ended June 30, below its 7.5 percent target. The three-year return was 12 percent, the fund said in a statement last year.

‘Clear’ Standards
Disney said in a January filing that its standards for selecting a chairman are “clear and workable,” calling any suggestion that the process led to a poor decision on Iger “unfounded.”
The company made changes to Iger’s compensation based on investor feedback, according to the filing. Ninety-two percent of the target value of Iger’s compensation is contingent on financial results and the stock’s performance. He received $40.2 million in total compensation last year.
Connecticut Retirement is responsible for managing pension funds for about 190,000 teachers, state, and municipal employees, according to its website.


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New Merchandise for ‘Oz The Great and Powerful’ in the Parks

4 New Vinylmation sets coming to Disney Parks on March 8. Each set contains one 3-inch figure paired with one 1.5-inch Vinylmation, Jr. figure. Disney Design Group artist Ron Cohee created these figures. If you are in Florida on March 8, you can meet Ron from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at D Street in Downtown Disney West Side.

Limited edition pin will have an edition size of 1,000.  March 8 will also see the release of a commemorative opening day pin in select locations at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.

The soft lines team will release four new shirts for women and one shirt (“Fragile by Feisty”) for girls. I thought the “Good” and “Evil” shirt was a fun design.

Finally, we will be releasing two D-Tech on Demand cases for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/4S.

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Want to see "LIVE" Marvel Superheroes - They will be at HongKong Disneyland!

Fantastic Four will soon call a part of Hong Kong Disneyland home, when the theme park opens an area dedicated to the comic-book stars.

On Wednesday, Hong Kong Financial Secretary John Tsang said the theme park, which is 52%-owned by the city’s government, will add an area featuring “Marvel heroes” as part of the resort’s expansion program.

The addition of Marvel in Hong Kong will be the first of its kind of any Disney resort, and could be a big draw for mainland Chinese tourists after the success of several Hollywood smash-hits that featured Marvel characters. Marvel superheroes could also attract older and more affluent visitors, as opposed to the younger audiences that the traditional Disney characters target.

Hong Kong Disneyland, the smallest of Walt Disney Co. DIS +0.45%’s parks worldwide, last week reported its first annual profit since its 2005 opening. The park has struggled over the years to boost attendance from its key target demographic—tourists from mainland China—many who aren’t enamored enough of Disney characters to make a special trip to the park. The park has also been competing with Ocean Park, a Sea World-type marine park in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Disneyland has added several new themed “lands” over the last few years to boost its size and attractiveness.

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Marvel Unlimited Unboxing, Lula Roe, Disney Parks news – WDW Tiki Room

Kristen and Aljon are talking about the latest Disney Park news, Lula Roe Disney inspired clothes, and unbox a Marvel Unlimited Plus subs...