Saturday, February 16, 2013

Disney Store is back - Japan Adult Disney Store strategy

                                There is only one in the world, shop for young women

The Walt Disney Company in various regions of the world (or less, Disney) the person in charge of about 15 people were gathered in Kashiwa, Chiba Prefecture.

Disney store in Kashiwa Takashimaya Station Mall, which opened in November last year. A surprised visit from abroad, "Is this the Disney Store" and. That should be it. There is only one in the world, it is because they store for young women.

Tones and white, the restaurant that mimics the (Castle) Castle, lined products such as bags and accessories for women. Bright lighting times more than standard stores in the United States, further complement the product.

Disney Store specializes in dealing with the Disney brand products. In Japan, 45 to expand the store in the heart of the shopping center. Products and goods apparel, toys, and DVD are broad. Difference for women stand out of the shop that reason alone.

Many gimmick is hidden in the store. Glass of checkered pattern disappears when viewed from the front, (1 photo tricks above) You can see the inside. Rose color photograph of two gimmick, but white when viewed from the side, from the front looks pink. Usually provide a mirror of such "reverse mirror" reflection, the "fun to discover" shopping conversely also depends on the other.

(director Jia 嗣 Muto to oversee the development of the store) to "shop aimed at high-class is not a childish cuteness.'s texture." Since the ceiling height and floor space is limited, a lot of women fashion station buildings and buildings, there was also a need to develop new business. In store development received proposals from five companies worldwide, the company adopts Japanese design women only, all the furniture crafted from scratch.

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