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Dizniana Disney Resort Tokyo Fan Festival & Huge Auction (Day 1)

  "Disney Resort Tokyo Dizuniana Fan Festival" was held from Sunday 24 February 2013.

In addition to the accommodation package to enjoy all of the two-day program, this program also appeared open passport that can participate in the program for some 25 days. Enjoyed a very special experience and Quirky Park also usual guests of 309 total. I would like to report over two days from today, that two days.

◆ Start Dizniana 3rd!

I Irassharu to drool Start. Opening Ceremony will start at 10 am and finally! Mickey opens a treasure sphere that symbolizes this Dizuniana, also appeared in Disney colleagues, venue heated up in anticipation and joy! Two-day curtain Dizuniana dreamy open.

◆ Dream Plan begins

After the end of the opening ceremony, dream plan to fulfill the "dream" of the guest you started. Dream Plan was prepared this time seven. Was attended by selecting one of them.

● World of Disney Imagineering, the theme park will entice

Imagineer and Disney plans lecture by Gary Landrum can listen to the show producer awareness. How castle Disney theme parks around the world is considered, how it was designed, unique obsession with Disney and many of the episodes when such development was introduced. You can hear the story directly from the Imagineers was the presence of yearning, it seems there were many guests that are inspiring!

● Behind the Development of Creative Director talks about entertainment

Creative Director involved in the development of the show at the Tokyo Disney Resort, from Koji Uno, and Good creative process of the show, which is staged at the park was introduced. Was taken up as a subject matter this time, "Day Dream Halloween" Special Event "Disney's Halloween", which was held at Tokyo DisneySea in the fall of 2012. Show flow until the birth while using the photos and videos will be presented, seems to have been a guest you also curious.

● Charles Vess Ford will guide "Disney Ambassador Hotel" Special Tour

Charles himself Beth Ford Vice President Milial Resort Hotels Co., Ltd., which operates the Disney hotel guide, the site of Disney Ambassador Hotel just reopened on Wednesday, February 6, 2013. Over the site in the center, such as Myuraru statues and painted on the ceiling of the lobby, and a new point that is now, was the most Moriaga~tsu "Mickey Mouse Room" of the topic! There is also a tea time tea you with the original dessert, you seemed to enjoy the expedition was the guest hotel fleeting everyone.

● special photo with his fellow Disney

Disney colleagues, was staged in Tokyo Disneyland: Will you to the front of the guest dressed in costume when he appeared on "Cinderellabration Lights of Romance"! Dancers also appeared at the venue, commemorative photograph was held in a glamorous atmosphere.
I've heard the thoughts just finished filming a guest.
I have participated and photos our character "I wanted to take, but I think I could experience dream exactly. Child will not remember a thing today, I think there was a time like this when they grow I'm glad to give me a chance. "(guests who attended three people and children 4 months of age)
, so I thought love really Cinderellabration ", and do not take pictures anymore, but this time I wanted to participate anyway When you take it. together, (guest took part in the married couple) were very cry of excitement. "
moment of your memories, and your prized possession is or is not what was Nokose?

● History of the Park and the premium lunch menu executive chef talks

From chef Yasuhiro Shimomura, who won the Contest "Japon award international cuisine Le Taittinger 42nd", such as "Poiret Fillet of Japanese black beef Kagoshima specialties" and "fricassee using lobster produced in Canada", from all four food was provided. Also, appeared at the timing of the dessert, Executive Chef Suzuki justice. I was able to listen to such commitment as a chef and the menu that is sold in the past, the story of the unique chef. Delicious and interesting story, you seem to have a guest Irassha~tsu enjoy it.

◆ lottery products exhibition space was crowded

Where I am anxious everyone who participated, but also that I had been in what way to spend free time there is no program. While some people are going to play in the park, of course, is it is not what's there were many people who have enjoyed thoroughly to see items that have been exhibited at the Disney Ambassador Hotel banquet hall? You are introduced to some of them · · ·.

First, ornaments such as a panel that was used in the park in the past has been on display, the exhibition space of lottery products. Of course, some people, such as those who are wondering what you will apply to, and commemorative photo while immersed in the memories surrounding each item, seemed to be enjoying each person.

Was also popular in the last Dizuniana, banner bag made banner that was used in the actual park. Everyone was very serious facial expression of a guest lost only one item the design is different, whether it will apply to any one.

◆ auction the whole venue was filled with excitement!

15 from the time the auction has also become synonymous with Dizuniana a start! This time the bidding of using a paddle in the shape of Mickey's hand Dizuniana special. Set of models, such as "Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dream Lights", and concept art for "The Legend of Mythica", various products have been exhibited.

Mickey ornaments that had been decorated in the body of the Disney Resort Cruiser sold for 1.15 million yen.
"Although I thought Na pretty well so far, cute and more! When viewed up close" (left)
frame art that I had been decorated shop "Miniriza-sundry" of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta (closed in 2011) successful bid for $ 800 000.
"I'm looking forward to decorate the living room of the home" (on the right in the photo)

◆ welcome dinner was excited to character greeting and a fancy dinner.

Heat of the auction remains without Yara shark, from 30 minutes to 19 hours, shifts the banquet hall Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, welcome dinner starts. Sumptuous dinner began with "celery root puree and saffron mayonnaise jelly bouillabaisse" of appetizers from a total of five. For dessert, "champagne sorbet strawberry mousse and chocolate cup went into" that mimics the Treasure Sphere! I was also pleased everyone Irassharu elaborate decoration of the guest. In the middle of the dinner was such as greeting with colleagues and other Disney was Mickey, welcome dinner and plenty of costume and fashion show by the cast, also drawing characters, with further artists of the Tokyo Disney Resort.

◆ Dream Plan to be implemented in the first Dizuniana Park, closed down after

Of the seven Dream Plan was prepared this time, was conducted at the Park is closed down after two. What was the content of the plan would dream that has been carried out in the park the night?

● "Tower of Terror" Special Night Tour

Around the hotel closed down after Hightower Park, special tours that have been planned for this day only. Quiet, I cast around with the guided tour, the hotel Hightower fan fear of the night more than usual. Was introduced during the tour, the prized possession of the secret hidden in this hotel. Is it any content is the only secret of guests that you are participating in the tour. At the end of the tour, the screaming of the guest you have on-site hotel resounds.

● ball one night in Cinderella Castle

Plan to participate in the special ball to be held in Cinderella Castle at night. Own way to dress up, all of you guests to Cinderella Castle closed down after the emergency. Before the ball begins, practice dance steps and manners in ball first. Dance hall will start in the chandelier shining and finally! Along with Prince Charming and Cinderella, all of you to take the step to brilliant guest. The scene was like a "Cinderella" like a Disney movie!

Tomorrow, we report the second day Dizuniana to join everyone who participated in the open passport program became busy further. Please look forward to!

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