Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dizniana Disney Resort Tokyo Fan Festival (Day 2) 

◆ Tasting & Food exhibition of the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort rises

Dizuniana second day (2/25), also joined 1,000 guests join us you open program where you can enjoy a day trip to Dizuniana passport! Exhibition of special goods such as information and the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, tasting menu was begun at 10 am.

The contents of the exhibition to be worried about, such as product samples and plenty panel to introduce the 30th anniversary event information! Attention seems to have gathered in accessories such as strap attached to popcorn bucket and bucket of popcorn, and unique collectable pin badge 30th anniversary with the motif of the past, especially Mickey. Was able to taste the other hand, a total of three products, such as mango mousse cake top hat that is also the 30th anniversary of Mickey costume has become the motif. I think there is a dream to all, including cute! Packaging glamorous when I hear the thoughts! And things.

◆ special lecture to look back on the history of the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary
On the other hand, in the Disney Ambassador Hotel main hall, lecture recalls targeted for participation guest accommodation package from 11.00, the history of the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th anniversary of Disney Legend by Toshio Kagami has been made. While exchanging the original photos and nostalgic open during construction and Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo Disney Resort untold story of the birth was revealed.

◆ Unlimited stuffed chocolate crunch! ?
If I say sweets perennial favorite among a variety of park souvenirs, chocolate crunch. In addition to the classic crunch chocolate and strawberry milk, and caramel, lemon flavor provides a pair soon will be sold as a product of the 30th anniversary! Was carried out for the guest accommodation package that unlimited participation justified to select a favorite flavor bag of four, this program also unprecedented.

While everyone is devised as a guest and not create a dead space in the bag, I Irassharu stuffed with chocolate crunch. In most people, I guess much has been packed in bags How many chocolate crunch.

◆ exhibition costumes that were used in the show actually
On the second day, communication space is opened in the Disney Ambassador Hotel. In addition to events such as mini-demonstration drawings by artists of the Tokyo Disney Resort has been made, had been used as a place for interaction between guests became friends over dinner and welcome.

In addition, the costume for the dancer that was used in the entertainment park in the past, was published for the first time to you as a guest of the exhibition. The costume of this exhibition was 30 points. There is also a chance that you can see up close the costume made from attention to detail, I was crowded with people of many guests.

◆ Special Programs & Closing Ceremony to conclude at the end of the Dizuniana
From 19 o'clock, a special program at the Broadway Music Theatre of Tokyo DisneySea, the participation of all guests is aligned Dizuniana began.

Developers of products and food appeared, respectively, in the presentation of information on the 30th anniversary of Tokyo Disney Resort, told everyone thought that was put into the guest's food products and episode or during development.

Also, one scene of the show was staged in the past Nostalgia is reproduced in the game corner on the theme of the auction. Each moment of the show was introduced, the venue is also similar to the voice of joy that had been raised scream.

Photographers and artists such as private tours of Tokyo Disney Resort, took place subsequently, the charity auction experience items were exhibited. The venue was filled with applause each time it is sold. The highest bid of 3 total items was ¥ 1.76 million.

Then, at the end of the closing ceremony is a program Dizuniana starts.

Treasure sphere that symbolizes Dizuniana is closed by Mickey, Disney colleagues wearing the costume of the 30th anniversary of the end is here! Program in the atmosphere glamorous dream, was held for two days has ended.

Special program, Disney Resort Tokyo Dizuniana fan festival filled with various experiences. This report has been carried to tell from the appearance of the development.

Since we have developed a program that everyone can enjoy the guest in the future, please stay tuned!
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