Tokyo Disney Resort has useful Valentine's Day Gifts!

                                                    Showing different designs!

At Tokyo Disney Resort, We have prepared a lot of goods that are willing to gift to men, we can also introduce the goods recommended for everyday use from it today.

                                                     Men's socks ① ¥ 700 each

                 at: Tokyo Disneyland Grand Emporium AND Tokyo DisneySea Figarozu-Kurojia

                                                  ② ¥ 1,300 each boxer shorts

       At Disneyland: Tokyo Fashion Town Center AND Tokyo DisneySea Figarozu-Kurojia

※ prices, etc., you may be subject to change without notice, and design.
※ Please note that when you run out of stock.
                 Happy Valentines Day from Tokyo Disney Resorts

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