Wednesday, February 27, 2013


In this article we are not just talking about original Oil Paintings, this is for ALL Art Work, prints included.

There are articles out there about LED Lights not destroying your art work. DON'T BELIEVE IT! These articles are put out by light bulb companies! Hense selling their light bulbs!  Even though they talk of proof they have NO scientific proof with links!

SUN LIGHT is the WORST for your Art Work! This will fade your Art Work quicker than anything.

NEVER place Art Work where direct Sunlight comes in through your windows that hits the Art Collection. Your BEST BET is to place your art work on an INSIDE WALL, and NEVER above a Fireplace or Outside Wall, moisture with start to build up and yellow mold spots will start to form and or causing your Art Work to fade and yellow!By the time the human eye sees these spots, the damage is already done.

Avoid picture lights mounted to the frames. They can cause what they call “hot spots.” In other words will will find spots that are lighter than the original.

Also very important, ONLY use 100% rag board when framing your Art work. Nothing should be touching your art work but the RAG!

Also Never put paper on the back of your Canvas Art work. Canvas is made to breath, placing paper behind canvas will stop the breathing process where mold can form.

Remember it is very important to keep a constant temperature in your room. Never open windows in the heat of the summer, or the cold of the winter.

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