Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Will the Real Wreck-It-Ralph please Stand up!

Across the pond doorman Karl Fazakerley, people gazing at him in amazement as they walk by is a daily occurrence now the hit film Wreck-it Ralph is being shown on the big screen.

The 27-year-old, from St Chad’s Road, South Shore, strikes an uncanny resemblance to the hit film’s video game villain turned hero who destroys everything in his path.

                         Lookalikes ... Karl Fazakerley with his real girlfriend Cat Wrigley
(photos Brad Wakefield)

Karl is even said to have a similar looking girlfriend to Ralph’s squeeze Vanellope, but Catherine Wigley, 30, says the couple do not mind the attention coming their way at the moment.

She added: “We both went to see Skyfall in November and the cinema was filled with cardboard cut outs of Ralph and I noticed he looked like Karl straight away.

“I took a picture of him next to it, uploaded it to Facebook and when we came out of the cinema and checked my phone more than 50 people had liked it and commented on how alike they both were.”

Karl, a doorman at Lytham’s Ship and Royal pub, added: “I’m fine with the attention and think it’s great.

“I’ve had it all my life where someone has told me I look like a cartoon character, but someone has finally gone one step further and pinned me down to this.

“I can’t avoid the comparison and if I’m stood in a pub someone will be shouting ‘Ralph’ at me, and it’s even worse now the film has come out.

“I’ve got a habit of being clumsy and recently damaged my car, just like he did in the film.”

The lookalike pair have been to see the film and admit they can recognise themselves looking back at them on the big screen.

Catherine also works on the doors of the Lytham pub and says her boyfriend is constantly being recognised as the dungaree wearing rebel.

She added: “The film is really good but we spent a lot of time cringing when we recognised ourselves in the characters on the screen.

“It’s all good fun and we will look back at this in 30 years time and realise it was a good laugh.

“We are going to keep our costumes and are thinking about using them at Halloween this year!”

Karl added: “There’s been a lot of people laughing at how much I look like Ralph but I don’t mind this at all because it cheers everyone up when they see me.”

Source... http://www.blackpoolgazette.co.uk/lifestyle/entertainment/dead-ringer-for-disney-s-new-dead-ringer-1-5423542

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