Friday, March 1, 2013

Disney New Toy Story Game: "Smash It"

 I spoke with Disney's Bart Decrem, I asked him about the company's plans to put out original mobile games. Lately, they've been on a bender of rebranded iOS hits, including Temple Run Brave, Monsters Inc. Run, and Where's My Perry?, which is a branded remix of Disney's own original Where's My Water. Decrem told me that the team had plans for original titles, but that when they had a hit franchise, "you invest in them aggressively and you evolve them aggressively."

The team's latest iOS release, Toy Story: Smash It, is actually a pretty good compromise. Yes, the game is based on the popular Pixar series, and yes, it eagerly reuses characters, art, and music from the three Toy Story movies. But unlike Disney's rebranded titles, Smash It isn't based on any game I've heard of, even if the gameplay is reminiscent of other catapult-style games like Catapult King and the old Wii title Boom Blox. As the various Toy Story characters, you hurl projectiles at other Toy Story characters perched on block-based structures, trying to take as many down as possible.

If you want to play Toy Story: Smash It for yourself, it's out on the App Store now for 99 cents.


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