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How it's a good idea for Kids learn and invest in Disney Stock - True Story

At a young age our children ask what the letters and numbers were going across in TV screen. Knowing that they would never understand I made the answer very simple by telling them it was money that people investment to help make the money grow into lots of money. That got their attention and the questions started to fly.

First, I made a chart for them to see how the money can grow. I put dates across the top and starting in 5 dollar increments up the side. Then they ask where was our money?  I showed them by placing a dot under the first date and told them to watch the TV after the store (Stock Market) closed the next day. They were so excited and faithfully watched each day to see where their money was. The chart sat at the TV with pencil and ruler waiting patiently each day to make their mark and draw the next line.

                             Our charts are long gone but it looked something like this.

After a few days they asked what DIS meant. Their eyes lite up like a light bulb when we told them it was Disney. "Mom, we own Disney"?  "Well, lets put it this way, you own a little piece of Disney"! "With you having stocks you are helping make Disney run the Parks and make the Movies", I said.  They understood that.

But the next question was, "Mom where did we get our money". Fearing that they might say we stole their money, I came straight out and told them the truth. "We took all the money you got in Birthday, Christmas and Baptism Cards and invested in Disney Stocks". Surprising they were excited. Each money card they got after that they made sure they gave it to us to buy more Disney stock. On how to do this is shown at the end.

Each time a new toy would come up that they wanted to buy, I reminded them that a new toy is only played with for the first few weeks of owning it and then it lays in the closet untouched with no profit coming out of a toy.  This took alot of explaining but they understood once I made a separate chart showing them where the investment goes after they buy an expensive toy. "Mom, the charts dead, it can't go anywhere, they said"! Exactly, like throwing your money away, and they agreed. So less expensive toys were bought and believe me they had plenty to play with.

Years went by and the chart still laid at the TV with them faithfully making their marks and lines each day. By the time the teen years came around they asked, Mom I need money for college, I told them that's what your Disney Stock is for. I told them they had more than what they thought they had as we reinvested the yearly Dividends back into more stocks. Of course a new car was mentioned, but reassured them of a better investment where it would grow instead of deprecating  like a car would. Yes, your minds are the profits, I told them. Well, tears and hugs hugs came instantly. Which made it all worth it while!

                                   Rianne Hill Soriano wrote the following:
Encouraging a child to invest in stocks and shares is a good way to hone them to become responsible with their finances at an early age. It also helps if they invest in companies close to their hearts or can peak their interest. Clearly geared towards the children and family market, one of the most popular companies where kids can enjoy investment opportunities is with the Walt Disney Company.

The Investment Plans:
Through the Walt Disney Company Investment Plan, individuals can invest directly in Disney without a broker. The plan offers a convenient way for small individual investors to buy shares of Disney common stock and reinvest cash dividends in additional shares. The company allows investment even if an individual does not currently own any shares of company stock.

See Disney Investments at...
Shareholder FAQs...

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These services are of course very helpful.

Happy Investing!

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