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C2E2 2013: Marvel Panel Day 1 - ReEvolution Continues - Project Gamme, Marvel Unlimited, Infinite Comics and More

At Marvel's Day 1 panel it was all about what they are adding to enhance your experience with Marvel and its characters, with some pretty cool things they presented. Some new, some already exist, and some with updates and tweaks coming soon. (Aljon's note - most of this information had been previously mentioned at SXSW 2013).

Being dubbed as Marvel ReEvolution, the comics giant is looking at bigger and better ways to bring digital and print together. They have no intention of looking to replace print, only enhancing it as well as enhancing the digital books to better fit the separate platform it utilizes.

Infinite comics
With Infinite Comics, Marvel is developing a digital comic specifically for the digital medium. Swiping from image to image helps to add a better storytelling flow that is hard to do by simple going panel to panel like in most digital comics or print comics. It's not animation, it's still like a comic that is trying to do things that can't be done with print. Available now to try online is a Guardians of Galaxy Infinite comic available for free.

Digital Comics Unlimited
The renamed Marvel Unlimited subscription has alreadystarted to integrate mobile iOS devices to make it easier to take your comics with you on the go, as well as on your computer. Android users, don't feel left out as your app will be coming very soon.

Marvel AR
The Marvel AR app will continue to add behind-the-scenes or awesome extras to the books your already buying. The panel compared it to this generation's Stan's Soapbox in how it pulls back the curtain and allow everyone to have some fun. You can get the Marvel AR app for free now on all smart phone devices.

Project: Gamma
In a way to integrate music and sound effects into your story Marvel is introducing Project: Gamma. Much like what is used in video games it is adaptive audio that does not loop and changes as you swipe thru your digital comic's story. Hear the Hulk punch Wolverine with the proper musical score playing to set up the mood of the big fight!

Marvel Original Content and Videos Online
If you haven't been keeping up with The Watcher and Marvel Superheroes: What The--?!, then go check them out free on YouTube. Adding to that content will be a new show titled Earth's Mightiest Show with former G4 TV host Blair Butler. The new web based show will cover comics and pop culture and not just from the what Marvel has coming out next. Look for this new show to start this summer.

When asked why they are doing so much outside of the books, including numerous social media sites they simply answered was: How can we get our characters in front of as many people as possible? By offering everyone's favorite characters in as many different forms that people want to consume and stay excited about the Marvel brand. So far, it seems to be working!

Reporter: Marty "McFly" Spears
Marty specializes in comics and sci-fi and can often times be found both playing the latest console game while reading the latest graphic novel. Not only is he a great multitaskertasker but he also enjoys sports and quoting 80's movies. Contact Marty at JediMouseketeer(at) and tweet Marty at using the tag #McFly.

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