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C2E2 2013: Day 1 from DC Comics

Yesterday I attended both the DC 101 panel and the DCU All Access panel here at C2E2 in Chicago. No groundbreaking new announcements were shared (maybe why DC didn't feel the need to have a booth at this year's Con), but for those that may be behind all the news stories, here's what they did let us know:

DC 1st annnouncement was that they have so far been able to raise $2 million dollars for the "We Can Be Heroes" campaign to help with poverty needs in the Horn of Africa. DC has matched dollar for dollar all funds donated by the fans and wanted to thank everyone for their money and participation. If you want to donate yourself or find out more information, including how you can get some free Batman merch for donating, check out this link here.

In case you weren't aware, the new Man of Steel movie will be in theaters June 14. And in case anyone hadn't seen the newest trailer, they showed it to us. I've added it below for you all to see too. You just might believe that a man can fly (again)!

For Free Comic Book Day this year DC will have 2 books available. One with Superman and Zod and one with the DC Nation's new Beware the Batman story. Don't miss Free Comic Book Day Saturday May 4!

Arrow had been renewed for a 2nd season on the CW. The Season 1 finale will debut May 15. Arrow digital-first comic is continuing to do well and has just started to begin a print run of the same stories.

Injustice: Gods Among Us game is out now and has been well received. The first issues of the comic based on the game are going back for extra prints. Also available in digital form. And there is a free phone App that ties into the game.

Teen Titans Go debuted this week and had great number in prime time for Cartoon Network. Beware the Batman will be coming later and will look to only feature the newer villains like Prof Pyg. Of course during the Q&A there were several fans voicing their displeasure on the canceling of Young Justice and Green Lantern animated series. DC's reply was never say never. Teen Titans was cancelled and brought back, so anything is possible.

May 21 will see the direct-to-video Lego Batman movie. If you've played the Lego Batman 2, then you've already seen the bulk of this movie from the game's cut scenes.

Batman '66 will be a new comic coming out this summer and is the first comic based on the Adam West Batman TV show. Look for the book to continue in the same campy feel as the original show. They even teased by saying Killer Croc, who never appeared on the show, will make an appearance and will have a look that's more man-in-a-rubber-suit than man who's part reptile. If you loved the show, you'll love this series.

If you missed any of the Before Watchmen books, in July we'll see the collections released in both HC and digital. On one panel, Len Wein, editor of the original Watchmen and overseer of the Before Watchmen series said he wished Ozymandias had come out last but a delay in the art caused Comedian to come out last. He also mentioned that he felt like he finally got a little closure of the disagreement he had with Alan Moore on the way the original Watchmen had ended in the final Ozymandias issue.

If you're are interested in reading some DC books, but don't know where to start, then the up coming DC Entertainment Essentials Graphic Novels and Chronology will be the book for you. It will be a free book/catalog to help you find more of what you want to read by giving you the top stories already published that would be considered must reads. The book will be out the summer.

The Q&A period mostly filled with the normal questions of where is Wally West and Stephanie Brown, why did you kill Damian, and can we get Young Justice back. You can tell these questions are getting old for them to non-answer, but they still didn't provide any questions other than 'maybe' and 'stay tuned'. However there were 2 questions that stood out:

The first asked if we will see a Crime Syndicate of America story or series (Earth 3 DC, where all good guys are bad and bad guys are good). Editor in Chief Bob Harris had to quickly bite his tongue and said to just wait for an announcement involving that next month. I have a feeling the door for them to enter the New 52 might open when the new Multiplicity series begins.

The 2nd question came from a young man asking why burn victims are only portrayed as villains. Being a severe burn victim himself he thought it would be awesome to see it on a hero instead of a driving motivation for evil. The panel concluded it to easy writing scapegoats and not thinking outside of the box for a story like that. But after meeting this man, it will be a reminder to try to do more o that.

So that wraps up Day 1 from DC. Stayed tuned for more from C2E2!

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