Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Filming Captain America Sequel - New Pictures!

Pictures of Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans filming the Captain America sequel! Scarlett Johansson has has red hair and Chris Evans is pushing a man over. Unbelievable scenes, Jeff!

In some of the pics, you can see Scarlett's stunt double. So that's interesting. Is it? We don't know. It is a bit interesting, because if you just glance, it creates an interesting optical illusion where there's actually two Scarlett Johanssons or something. Look, we don't know.

Captain America: Winter Soldier is due for release next year at some point. Judging from these pictures, we can see there is a lot of bright green going on. Great stuff.

Read More... http://www.holymoly.com/celebrity/news/scarlett-johansson-and-chris-evans-filming-captain-america-winter-soldier-la66699#ixzz2Ry0Wj2Pj

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