Thursday, April 25, 2013

Marvel Studios/Disney Regains Daredevil Rights

Moms need recess too!

The film licencing rights to Daredevil have reverted from FOX back to Marvel Studios/Disney. This means that Matt Murdock/Daredevil will be free to appear in future Marvel Studios/Disney releases. Perhaps opening a door for an appearance in some Avengers-centric movies.

Here’s the scoop from Deadline
The blogosphere is going wild as Marvel chief Kevin Feige does interviews for Iron Man 3 and acknowledges that Daredevil has returned to the Marvel fold at Disney. We told you this was going to happen last August, when a last ditch attempt to shape a movie with Joe Carnahan cratered. Ben Affleck starred in the original film, and he’s doing way more interesting things now as a writer/director/actor/producer. Without him, it was pretty clear that Fox wasn’t confident about bankrolling a superhero-sized movie based on the character and that the brass at the studio wasn’t at all upset about coming out on the losing end of the witching hour of when Marvel and Disney got back those rights.
The son of prize fighter Battlin' Jack, Matt Murdock grew up in the relative poverty of Hell's Kitchen with much reverence for his father, who constantly pressed him to study instead of playing with his friends. In turn, they taunted him with the nickname Daredevil since he always went back to studying (or secretly training in his father's gym) instead of doing things with them.

As a boy, Matt witnessed a man about to be hit by a truck and pushed him out of the way but the truck crashed and spilled its cargo of extremely toxic chemicals into his face. He awoke in the hospital blind from the toxins and learned that his other senses were amplified as a result of his loss of sight and was able to see by a radar-like sense using natural sounds around him, giving him ultimate confidence in his surroundings.

As an adult, he becomes a lawyer and opens a law firm with Foggy Nelson while secrectly taking on the mantle of Daredevil in order to protect the citizens of Hell's Kitchen and bring justice to the streets as well as the courtroom.

The character of Daredevil is a classic one and has been the subject of some of the most popular story arcs of the Marvel Universe however the Daredevil film from 2003 starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner didn't do so well with the critics. The film went on to gross $179 million dollars at the worldwide box-office. Daredevil has had some great story arcs over the years and has been one of the most celebrated heroes in the Marvel Universe. Here's hoping that the Man Without Fear gets the justice he deserves with the proper treatment on the big screen.

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