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Film Review: "Marvel's - Iron Man 3"- Great Character Development and Effects Despite a Few Plot Holes

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This past weekend my wife and I were able to experience the kickstart to Phase 2 Marvel's Cinematic Universe and it rocked!

Great performances by the cast all the way around!

I've been a Marvel fan since I was a child with my favorite character being 'Ole Shellhead' so I was definitely looking forward to seeing this movie. 'Marvel's - Iron Man 3' was definitely worth the price of admission. The film's pace was set just right with big moments at the outset to the times where the the plot thickened all the way to the epic conclusion.

This scene was cooler to see on the big screen!

Highlights of the film include nods to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with references to his fellow Avengers, character development with the core cast and the acting/casting which were believable and compelling.

The friendship between Stark and Rhodes grows.

If you want action scenes and special effects this has got a ton of it. Kudos to the art, special effects and make up teams! Everything looked amazing!

Iron Man comic fans will geek out over seeing the Silver Centurion Armor. I know I did!

While I thought there were a couple of missteps in terms of the plot (I won't spoil the film for you) I am able to overlook them for the sake of seeing what Marvel will do next.

Sure having an army of robotized Iron Man suits was awesome to see but it will sure sell a TON of action figures!
IM3 successfully combines drama and humor with the best aspects of films like Lethal Weapon and James Bond. While this film is not the original 'Iron Man' or 'The Avengers', the bar to which all modern day superhero movies should be judged, this is a flick worthy of being at the very top.

What did you think of this movie? Leave a spoiler-free comment and let the discussion begin!

In terms of plot holes please check out this review by Matt at WARNING - If you have not seen the movie PLEASE DON'T READ HIS REVIEW. While I may agree with him on a few points I don't share his entire point of view. I may return to this review after seeing it again and post my thoughts regarding what I thought came up short.

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  1. While I certainly thought it was better than Iron Man 2. I do not agree with the reviews that put it ahead of The Avengers. I try to look at this film as 2 different movies. It was a GREAT Tony Stark movie and advanced the character of Tony. However, it was only an OK Iron Man movie. Several of the plot holes really ruined the Iron Man part for me. Sad to see that this is the last Iron Man film with Robert Downey Jr. He will be in the Avengers 2, but is not signed for anymore Iron Man movies.

  2. I see your points Thom. I try to look at every film as a stand-alone, which can be difficult with the Marvel films as they build off of each other. That said Downey has already starred in 4 Marvel films and working on the last Avengers movie. Who knows weather or not he may return for more movies. I have seen the interviews where he mentions seeing his time as Iron Man coming to a close BUT you never know. Money and strong stories may be a motivator not to mention he loves working with the Marvel crew. After a record breaking opening weekend we may just see a change of "heart" for Downey. Only time will tell.

    Thanks for the comment!


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