Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Disney, Harmonix Team Up for 'Fantasia: Music Evolved' on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Disney fans have no doubt wondered what it would be like to enter the fantastical world of Fantasia and now they'll finally get the chance courtesy of a new "musical adventure" game that is the product of a collaboration between Disney and Rock Band/Dance Central-creators Harmonix.

VIDEO... Music Evolved Announcement Trailer...   http://youtu.be/Kq0_dGKx4Os

Entitled Fantasia: Music Evolved, the game is in development for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 and is due to arrive sometime in 2014. In it, players "control, creates, and transform" as they embark on an "interactive and immersive motion-controlled journey" through the magical realms of Fantasia, selected by the legendary sorcerer Yen Sid, to hone their musical and magical prowess as his new apprentice.

Here's a brief overview of the game's controls and content followed by a listing of its key features:

Fantasia: Music Evolved
Players will control music from some of the industry’s biggest acts, including over 25 leading artists such as chart-topper Bruno Mars, rock royalty Queen and electronic DJ and producer AVICII. Using Kinect motion control technology and natural, controller-free gameplay, players will control the musical flow of these hits, unlocking the power to transform the music and living world.

Game Features
• Perform your favorite songs – including tracks from Bruno Mars, Queen, Fun., Kimbra and AVICII, and other world renowned artists – using natural, gesture-based motion gameplay that puts you in complete control of the musical masterpieces.
• Transform and remix music via magical manipulators in real-time like never before, changing music in intuitive and surprising new ways.
• Explore breathtaking environments with your motion controlled “muse” including the mysterious subaquatic world of “The Shoal,” an enchanted printing press, and more;
• Discover worlds filled with hidden musical interactions designed to engage players, encouraging them to unleash their creativity.

Source... http://www.gametrailers.com/side-mission/53506/disney-harmonix-team-up-for-fantasia-music-evolved-on-xbox-one-and-xbox-360

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