Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sorcerer Radio's Aljon Go Answers Your Guitar Questions in New Web Series "Three Guys and Guitars" on the Gibson Entertainment Channel

Guitar gurus Aljon, Kevin and Dion answer your guitar questions on the weekly "Three Guys and Guitars" web series on the Gibson Entertainment YouTube channel. 
Sorcerer Radio's Aljon Go, host of WDW Tiki Room - the show about all things Disney, now co-hosts and answers your guitar questions on the new weekly web series "Three Guys and Guitars" on the Gibson Entertainment YouTube channel.

Aljon has spent over 17 years doing radio and audio production working for a number of commercial radio stations that play Modern Rock, Pop/Top 40, Alternative and Classic Rock in Middle Tennessee. His voice is also featured on a number of television stations, commercials and programs seen and heard around the US. Today he is the station manager at Sorcerer Radio, one of the longest running fan-run internet radio stations playing Disney park music and attraction audio. He co-host the WDW Tiki Room show/podcast for Sorcerer Radio as well as the WDW After Dark and WDW Travel Show webcasts. He also spends a lot of time talking about guitars and helping other musicians.
It's great to be part of 'Three Guys' and talk about guitars and gear, something I'm passionate about. I love interacting with guitarists and music fans at events and this is a great extension of that. I can't tell you how many Disney, Marvel and Star Wars fans I've come across that love guitars and making music. Over the years I've gotten to know quite a few of them and continue to share in our geekyness! I hope that those guitarists within those fan communities will see the show and become regular viewers. I would love them to ask questions and interact with them. Occasionally you'll see me wearing a Marvel, Disney, Sorcerer Radio or Star Wars shirt on the show as a nod to those viewers who know me from my other projects. I'm a geek about a lot of things. 'Three Guys and Guitars' is the perfect program to share that love and to exchange knowledge. - Aljon Go
Aljon shows his love for Epcot wearing his retro Epcot Tee during  the filming of "Three Guys and Guitars."
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