Monday, August 19, 2013

"Pirates of the Caribbean" Now Dreams Come True for Lee Seung-hun on Becoming a Part of "Star Wars"

The senior creature technical director at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM), one of the top visual effects company in America!

Lee Seung-hun, the senior creature technical director at ILM, has worked on numerous box office hits including 'Harry Potter,' a fantasy film series that enticed young viewers worldwide, 'Pirates of the Caribbean,' noted for its unique and original characters and high-tech special effects, and 'Avatar,' which revolutionized live-action 3D films.

Based on his 20 years of experience in the industry, Lee Seung-hun has stepped up the level of the digital visual effect technology applied by the ILM staff to create stunning scenes for Hollywood movies.

Striving toward his dreams after many disappointments!

Lee Seung-hun is now the senior technical director at ILM, playing a key role in creating high-tech special effects, but his success didn't come easily.

After watching 'Star Wars' as a young boy, he became fascinated by the world of special effects and dreamed of, one day, working for ILM, in hopes of becoming part of the making of a Star Wars film. He flew America to take one step closer to his dream; there, he sent a hundred demo reels and had dozens of job interviews. Despite the unfamiliar environment, the language barrier and many disappointments, he did not give up, and he finally got an internship opportunity at ILM in 2003. Later, he realized his dream of adding his magical touch to a 'Star Wars' film.

With passion and aspiration, you can stand out among the rest!

As part of his efforts to contribute to the development of the computer graphics industry of Korea, he is assisting the computer graphics companies based in Korea to obtain outsourcing contracts from ILM. He claims that although the computer graphics technology applied to Korean films doesn't seem to have a wow factor compared to Hollywood movies, the technological level is quite advanced, considering the general circumstances, including the budget.

Lee Seung-hun recalls that he 'strived toward his dream, aiming for the impossible and seizing every opportunity that came to him,' and he advises everyone who wants to succeed in Hollywood to do the same.


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