Marvel's The Watch List 11/27 - Nova #100

This week on The Watch List our host, Lorraine Cink, gives you her top picks for booking hitting shelves on

November 27th. Look out for the thrilling conclusion of cosmic drama coming in Infinity #6 (Hickman, Chueng, Weaver) , X-treme outcomes in Uncanny Avengers #14 (Remender, McNiven), poor sportsmanship in the dramatic end of Avengers Arena #18 (Hopeless, Walker), the assembly of an all spider-lady team-up in Avengers Assemble #21 (DeConnick, Buffagni), and celebrate 100 issues of Nova with Nova #10 (Wells, Duggan, Barberi, Lopez, Medina)! It's a big week of comics you're sure to feel thankful for!

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