Tuesday, April 29, 2014

C2E2 2014: Marvel releases details on 'Death of Wolverine' series

At C2E2 2014 we were told of Wolverine writer Charles Soule and artist Steve McNiven four-issue limited series called DEATH OF WOLVERINE coming in September. Now that Logan has been stripped of his healing factor he will confront his past as well as his own mortality.

Writer Charles Soule says, "My goal here is to tell a story that can hold its own alongside some of my own favorite Wolverine stories—the [Chris] Claremont/[Frank] Miller work, “Weapon X” by Barry Windsor-Smith, Brian K. Vaughan’s LOGAN mini, [Mark] Millar’s “Enemy of the State,” and so many more. This is a character who has been used as a vehicle for many different types of stories; he’s been a straight-up super hero, a samurai, a Clint Eastwood-style lone wolf, a ladies man—I want to tell a story that’s true to the many faces of Logan while standing on its own as an exciting adventure. It gets pretty brutal. One of the main ideas to the story is that Wolverine has lost his healing factor, which means he can be injured in serious, dramatic ways. His villains have never really been about pulling their punches, and Logan takes some punishment here. Plus, of course, his primary weapon is a set of claws that stab out from his hands every time he uses them; hands are delicate pieces of machinery, and they can’t stand up to that sort of treatment for long. I’m not saying his hands fall off—but I’m not saying they don’t, either. I want to show the physical cost of Wolverine doing what he does. It’s never been very nice, but here it gets downright ugly."

We know that dead or death is not always permanent in the Marvel Comic Universe, look at the recent 'resurrections' of Nightcrawler and Spider-Man. Either way the team of Soule and McNiven are brilliant and this limited series should be a must-read!

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Check out more about the Death of Wolverine in this special C2E2 Q&A with Marvel.com!
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