Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spider-Man film rights could be heading back to Disney/Marvel Studios sooner than later

Twitter and social media in general is great to share your thoughts and discuss things amongst a group of people with like-minded ideas. The problem (for some) is that it can also be a great way for drawing attention to yourself and making outrageous claims.

This afternoon Comic Book News and Bleeding Cool reported a tweet from screen writer Max Landis (who is a huge comic and wrestling fan who also has been linked to working on a project for Disney) mentioning that ole Web-head may be returning to the House of Mouse.

His Tweets read:
"crazy about Marvel getting Spider-Man back, that's gonna be bonkers."
"...there's a chance I wasn't supposed to tweet that."
"Ha Ha 5 months from now this is all gonna be real intersting."

Of course he deleted those Tweets but it does pose an interesting discussion.

This last fall on the WDW After Dark webcast I discussed the possibility of the Spider-Man film rights being sold back to Sony in order to get the company in a better financial situation. I'm sure Disney would love nothing more than to have your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man become a focal point in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. This is an interesting piece of news considering that Sony made news regarding its release of yearly Spider-verse films.

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What do you think of this rumor? Could we see Spider-Man appear in The Avengers 3? Leave your comments below.

Check out the article: http://movies.cosmicbooknews.com/content/max-landis-says-spider-man-back-marvel-studios

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