Monday, April 6, 2015

Ten of the Best Star Wars Celebration Moments

In this Special Edition installment, we're counting down the top moments from the biggest Star Wars party this side of Endor: Star Wars Celebration.

10. Smuggler's Gambit (C2)
Theater of the mind, Star Wars-style. Smuggler's Gambit, a live audio drama from Fanboys director Kyle Newman, premieres live to more than 2,000 fans and it brings the house down. Featuring upwards of 100 sound effects and music cues, along with stellar performances, Smuggler's Gambit remains a favorite Celebration experience for those lucky enough to see -- and hear it. 

9. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Reveal (C4)
Captain Rex. Savage Opress. Ahsoka. Star Wars: The Clone Wars has left a footprint on a galaxy far, far away, and it all starts here. In a special panel, supervising director Dave Filoni officially unveils Lucasfilm’s new animated series, showcasing art, revealing characters, and talking story with fans. The rest is history.

8. Anthony Daniels Visits Fans (C1)
When the weather goes all Kamino on fans at the very first Celebration, it takes a protocol droid to make things right. In what has become a tradition, Anthony Daniels himself spends time with fans, letting them know how much their attendance – and patience – means to all involved.

7. First Fan Film Awards (C2)
When it comes to creativity, Star Wars fans are like the best bounty hunters – they’re fearless and inventive. At Celebration 2, Lucasfilm officially recognizes these gifts with the first Star Wars Fan Film Awards, including one picked by George Lucas. Not a bad way to get your start in the biz. Who will win this year? We can't wait to find out.

6. The Main Event (C5)
An interview with George Lucas is always an event. An interview with George Lucas conducted by Jon Stewart – that’s The Main Event. The legendary host of the Daily Show has a fun chat with the Star Wars creator...and brings out some of the director's old friends.

5. Life-Size Props Invade Celebration (CE1)
Since it’s impossible to visit a galaxy far, far away, the Belgian Prop Builders bring the galaxy to you. Debuting their work at the first Celebration Europe, this talented fan group creates detailed, life-size AT-ATs, speeder bikes, bacta tanks and more, delighting everyone – even the Maker himself. Impressive, Belgian Prop Builders. Most impressive.

4. Kathleen Kennedy Meets the Droid Builders(CE2)
Dream. Come. True. The R2-D2 Builders – fans who make film-accurate, functioning droids – are a Celebration staple. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy tours their area and is so amazed by what she sees, she later hires two members to work on The Force Awakens. At Celebration, anything is possible.

3. Last Tour to Endor (C5)
When the original Star Tours becomes one with the Force, it’s a big deal. In honor of the legendary ride’s closing, Disney World hosts special events and huge shutdown ceremony including appearances from costumed characters and Boba Fett doing what he does best. But don’t worry – Star Tours is back, more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

2. Yoda vs. Dooku First Look (C2)
In a special treat for fans, the first footage of Yoda battling Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones debuts – and receives a thunderous reception.

1. George Lucas' First Celebration (C3)
The Celebration circle is complete. Star Wars creator George Lucas attends his first Celebration, sitting for an extensive interview before thousands of fans, discussing his career and all things Star Wars. It’s a meaningful experience for all in attendance -- including the man himself. This singular event shows why there’s no Star Wars party like Celebration, and that's why we rank it #1. 

What are your favorite moments from Star Wars Celebration? What are you looking forward to this year? Let us know in the comments below, and we will see you in Anaheim!

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